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After proving themselves the true “It” couple by defeating The Miz & Maryse in an action-packed WrestleMania Mixed Tag Team Match, John Cena & Nikki Bella got engaged on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

In the months preceding The Show of Shows, The A-Lister and his devious spouse made it their mission to paint a picture of Cena and Nikki as nothing more than “fake” and “power-grabbing,” a sentiment they brought to life in a series of scathing mic rants and Total Bellas parodies.

For their part, The Cenation Leader and Fearless Nikki maintained that Miz had stolen everything he was from other, “more talented” competitors, while Maryse had never really done anything at all. As a result, WrestleMania became an opportunity for each couple to show their opponents, the WWE Universe and themselves what they were truly all about.

The contest kicked off with special guest ring announcer Al Roker of NBC’s TODAY Show commanding center stage. However, once the bell rang, it was all about the players. Miz and Maryse began by playing mind games on Nikki and Cena. This allowed the gloating A-Lister to gain the early advantage on The Leader of the Cenation, an edge he would maintain throughout much of the match. Even when Cena made it to his corner to attempt to tag in Nikki, Maryse prevented it by attacking his lady love from behind.

Things took a drastic turn, though, when Nikki suddenly slapped the taste right out of Miz’s mouth. Cena tagged in Nikki, and the Fearless Superstar took charge. From there, it was all downhill for The A-Lister couple, as Cena and Nikki executed a double Knuckle Shuffle, followed by Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment and Nikki delivering the Rack Attack 2.0 for the double pin.

As the dust cleared and it looked like the excitement of their victory had reached its zenith, Cena decided to tell Nikki and the capacity crowd at the Orlando Citrus Bowl a story. He revealed that when she was being wheeled into surgery last year, he asked a groggy Nikki if she knew that he would one day marry her. Cena then preceded to drop to one knee in the ring and deliver a bombshell by asking Nikki to do just that. In front of a worldwide audience, Nikki instantly said yes, and the pair embraced.

In the wake of the huge news, the happy couple not only proved themselves victorious both in the ring and in life, but they’ve also made a WrestleMania Moment that will never be forgotten.