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Total Divas Season 8, Episodes 8&9

Ahh, Lake Tahoe. Stunning vistas, a fully-furnished cabin, and … a boiling fight between Paige and Lana?

Alas, serenity is nowhere to be found on Total Divas when the ladies travel to a lake house and Brie Bella — in a stunning misreading of the room — decides to mastermind a prank where Lana gets the worst room of the bunch yet again. Only this time, The Ravishing Russian strikes back, stealing Paige’s room and bringing years of tension back to the surface (it stems from, of all things, a Tweet). The upshot is, Lana’s a brat and she knows it, but Paige is past the point of taking disrespect lying down, so they get in a big fight that nearly spoils into actual fisticuffs until they tearily make up. (They get back at the girls by staging a prank of their own where Lana throws water in Paige’s face.) Nikki Bella’s attempt to get the ladies to use the trip as a reflective period doesn’t go as planned either, but she takes it in stride, and all is well.


We’re back in Lake Tahoe and Naomi’s along for the ride. The big finish to the girls’ weekend isn’t the wild mess it seemed like it was gearing up to be, but a surprisingly introspective and emotional trip much more in line with what Nikki Bella had planned all along. The entire episode is built around the Total Divas facing their fears, so Natalya, who’s afraid of heights, goes parasailing; Paige is scared of deep water, so she goes tubing; Naomi — whose plan to get a place in Atlanta is meeting stiff resistance from Jimmy Uso — comes clean about fearing a divorce; and Brie Bella does a goofy bit where she tries to sell the ladies on Tahoe Tessie, a legendary creature that supposedly lives beneath the waters of Lake Tahoe.

In a final powwow around the fire, the girls read from the journals Nikki gave them in part one, Lana gives a big, tearful apology to mend fences with Paige once and for all, and Nikki caps it off by reading a poem she wrote to honor the women in her life. Onto the Season 8 Finale, which airs Nov. 28 at 9/8 C on E!.