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Total Divas Season 7 Episode 1 Recap, Photos and Videos

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We’re back with Total Divas Season 7, so let’s pick up right where Total Bellas left off: The birth of Birdie Joe Danielson. A few months have passed, and Daniel Bryan is comfortably playing house while he’s off on paternity leave, though he and Brie Bella are both dreading the call that will send him back to work as the General Manager of SmackDown LIVE. And even though Nikki Bella doesn’t seem to be heading back to the ring anytime soon, she and Bryan come up with an idea for her to be his proxy on television, getting Nikki back in the game as the Women’s division starts to get new opportunities and giving Bryan more time at home with his family. The idea, alas, is shot down, and Bryan is told to report back to Team Blue.

Elsewhere on Team Blue, Lana is finally transitioning to an in-ring competitor, with her first singles match slated to be a title bout against Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She’s changed her diet and is upping her training regimen, but Rusev remains skeptical because he’s worried his wife, with her combination of million-miles-an-hour effort and minimal in-ring experience, is going to hurt herself while attempting to put on a good performance. At a pre-Money in the Bank pool party hosted by Nikki Bella, however, Rusev is convinced to step back and be supportive.