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On this episode of E!’s Total Divas, Brie Bella is still not pregnant, and she suspects, after a visit to a holistic acupuncture therapist, that an iron deficiency from her all-vegetarian diet is the culprit. Nikki is completely convinced this is the case, both as an avowed carnivore and the clinically-proven smarter of the Bellas, and for the rest of the episode she sets about attempting to convince Brie to eat meat again. Brie is sorely tempted — she even FaceTimes former vegetarian/former Total Diva Rosa Mendes, who switched her diet and got pregnant shortly thereafter, for advice. It turns out to be something even more left-field than a vegetarian diet that’s giving Brie trouble: She’s doing so much cryotherapy that it’s messing with her body. Another mystery solved.