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Total Bellas Season Four Premiere

Welcome to Total Bellas Season 4, complete with a world of opportunities available for the newly-single Nikki Bella, who faces a unique challenge this year in that isn’t really sure what she wants to do but feels like she has to do something after the trying events of last season. After one final bit of housekeeping — an emotional trip to Tampa where she moves out the last of her belongings — she comes up with the first step of a plan: Move to Los Angeles.


Brie Bella, who thinks Nikki’s just trying to relive her 20s and run away from the hard work of piecing her life back together, isn’t thrilled. Nor is Daniel Bryan, who’s feeling a little underappreciated after several instances of packing his family up and moving to Nikki’s side each time she’s in a rut. Plus, he’s got full-blown baby fever, much to the chagrin of Brie, who’s finally gotten herself back into the shape she wants to be in and isn’t quite ready to be pregnant again.

The thing that finally brings the family back together is the announcement of WWE Evolution, for which the company wants the twins to return in order to be a part of. Suddenly, Nikki and Brie have to work together and reconcile their differences — Brie, having pulled a similar move to New York after a rough breakup of her own once upon a time, understands that Nikki might need the fresh start — and Brie has to put aside any hopes of a second child for the time being.

Total Bellas airs Sundays at 9/8 C on E!.