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Total Bellas Recap

First, Brie Bella. The fallout from her recent in-ring woes has become almost too much for the working mother to bear; apart from generally feeling bad about it, she can’t go on social media thanks to what Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella both say is undue backlash. (Big Johnny also has some particularly encouraging words for her about how life is full of ups and downs, like a roller coaster.) But the comeback presses on, and Brie knows if she’s going to make it work, her best option is to drop her duties on one of two WWE brands. On the ground that she’s a Bella Twin first and foremost in the ring, she elects to stick with Nikki on Raw and bid SmackDown LIVE a fond farewell.


Now, Nikki, who gets the juicier storyline of the two this week as she’s officially back in the dating game thanks to a little publicist voodoo that sets her up with Peter Kraus of “The Bachelorette.” Adorable first date nerves ensue, and it turns out he’s both very handsome and very charming — even Bryan admits to having a man-crush. The date is a smashing success, despite Nikki’s hesitance, and it looks as though a first kiss is in the works …. But then it’s to be continued.