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Total Bellas Recap

The Bellas’ comeback is finally reaching its apex with a main-event showcase at WWE Evolution — but if you ask Brie, it’s just one last obligation she has to get through before heading to Phoenix for her well-deserved retirement. The various ups and downs of Brie’s return run have left her less than excited for the historic pay-per-view event, which leads to a wide enthusiasm gap between the two Bella Twins: While Nikki wants to organize a pep rally to thank the Bellas’ fans for supporting them throughout their last ride, Brie instead busies herself with trying to find a way to restore John Laurinaitis’ original voice after pulling up an old clip of him as a wrestler in The Dynamic Dudes.

Both end up with what they want, in a sense: Nikki gets the pep rally and despite Brie’s reticence, she’s moved to address the “Bella Army” and thank them for sticking with her through a rough couple of months. And while Johnny appreciates the gesture of looking into repairing his voice, he explains it’s no longer really necessary for him. He learned a long time ago that what makes him different is what makes him unique; for better or worse, there’s no one else in the industry who sounds like Big Johnny.

As for Evolution itself, we don’t get to see much of it. Nikki heads to the ring for her big match with Ronda Rousey, Brie flying the Bella flag at her side. The bell rings, Nikki gets off to a good start and just when things start to get sticky, the episode ends. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait for next week’s season finale.