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Total Bellas Recap

When looking back on the history of the Women’s division, the Women’s Evolution and the current crop of female Superstars, it would be disingenuous at best to write off Brie Bella’s accomplishments. So, understandably, she finds herself somewhat taken aback on Total Bellas this week when she finds out she’s being relegated to valet duty for Nikki at WWE Evolution, despite having finally gotten her sea legs back in the ring. Brie isn’t sure if the new assignment is a passive-aggressive way to nudge her towards in-ring retirement, and Nikki’s refusal to say she would be Brie’s valet if the roles were reversed doesn’t do much for her confidence. A well-timed prank with Johnny where they pretend the roles have been reversed knocks Nikki down a peg, but this seems bound to boil up again as the pay-per-view draws closer.


It’s hardly Brie’s only issue this week, as she finds her and Daniel Bryan’s attempt to live eco-friendly, sustainable lives has been more or less derailed by their need to balance parenting with a grueling professional schedule. Bryan all but throws up his hands and admits defeat, but Brie arranges for Bryan to help pick up some trash to soothe his conscience. It works!

Oh, and by the way, Nikki’s night out with Peter takes a twist when she turns down his kiss, and she’s not sure if there will be a Date No. 2. But Peter’s big move — he delivers a care package of Nikki’s favorite candy, black licorice — ends up winning him so many points that a follow-up date is no longer out of the question.