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The battle was punishing, but Nikki Bella remained ”Fearless” in the face of her No Disqualification Match with Carmella, earning the victory at WWE TLC after connecting with the Rack Attack 2.0. However, in the aftermath of their battle, The Princess of Staten Island revealed that the Superstar responsible for attacking Nikki at Survivor Series wasn’t whom she expected.

Still bearing a big bruise around her right eye from Nikki’s attack this past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, Carmella wasted no time in ensuring Bella would have a few welts of her own, sending her rival knee-first into the steel ring steps. The Princess of Staten Island focused her assault on the injured leg, including smashing it with a kendo stick. She nearly had the victory wrapped up with the Code of Silence, but she left the kendo stick within Nikki’s grasp, allowing Bella to grab it and clobber “Princess Mella” with the weapon.

The battle spilled to ringside, where Nikki took to the air, diving off the ringside barricade to clock Carmella with a brutal spinning kick. And when Carmella looked to be getting back into the fight, Bella surprised The Princess of Staten Island with a fire extinguisher, spraying Carmella around the squared circle before hitting the Rack Attack 2.0 to win this No Disqualification brawl.

However, Carmella was not about to let Nikki celebrate. She picked up a mic and revealed that she wasn’t behind the blindside attack Bella suffered at Survivor Series, claiming that the assault was the work of Nikki’s “Total Divas” co-star, Natalya. Earlier in the evening, the third-generation Superstar posted a tweet wishing Nikki good luck, along with a photo of the two together. Was it genuine, or is Natalya hiding how she truly feels?