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“The Straits Times” Interview With Nikki Bella

nbella177One-half of the Bella twins, Nikki Bella is the current Divas champion. She’s also known for starring in E!’s Total Divas, a reality show that follows a group of WWE Divas in and out of the ring.

Q: You’re the second longest reigning Divas champion now. What are your future goals and aims?

My number one goal right now is to be the longest reigning Divas champion. I know it’s going to be tough to beat AJ Lee’s record of 295 days which means I have to keep it till after Night Of Champions (a WWE per-per-view on September 21). It’s going to be really tough.

Another goal is make this championship mean something. I want to leave a legacy, to make the Divas division amazing. I hope I get more opportunities to do this and that the people upstairs, the bosses continue to listen, because there’s so much I would love to do with this championship.

Q: Some female wrestlers such as Beth Phoenix and Natalya prefer to just focus more on wrestling. But the Bellas often do red carpet events. How do you answer your critics that you’re just more than a pretty face?

It’s funny because Brie (her twin) and I always have this perception with the WWE Universe that we’re models or failed actresses. I hate to break it to everyone but I never did acting. I think I’ve been to three acting classes, two of which WWE made me do, and as for modelling, I did two modelling gigs because they paid US$200 (S$270). I was a soccer player until the day I came to WWE. The reason why Brie and I came to WWE was because we watched the divas in the ring and we wanted to wrestle. That was it. It’s kinda sad to me when I always hear people say these things and try to take away Brie and I’s passion for wrestling.

The red carpet events that we do, we do it for the company. Trust me, on that day off, I’d rather be at home working out, getting a massage or seeing my family.

WWE has given us more opportunities than just wrestling, attending really cool events and continuing to spread the word of WWE divas.

Q: Do you prefer to play the good girl or the bad girl?

The bad girl is so much more fun. You can have so much more personality and get really creative. When I see the kids out there, the Bella army, they make me want to play the good girl. But overall, being bad is so much more fun.
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