2 Comments on “The best of The Bella Twins: WWE Top 10”

  1. As much as I adore the Bellas have to say the Nikki and John breakup was disappointing. For Nikki and John it is life chaging and sad. For a fan confusing. Do not understand how a picky set in his ways man like John can change 100% and Nikki still says NO. Fans have listened to her whining for years wanting to marry John but the turn around dampened watching Total Bellas. Too much drama and is any of it real? Love the Danielsons and wish they had there own show.

  2. This is just my opinion, I have no inside information, but I think Nikki wasn’t sure John really wanted kids, he was giving in to what she wanted. I think she knew he’d eventually regret it and probably resent her.

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