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Why isn’t Brie Bella part of SummerSlam Week? Total Divas Preview

One Bella Down

In the second part of Total Divas’ SummerSlam extravaganza, Brie Bella finds herself left off of the week’s itinerary and has an idea as to why. Meanwhile, as her big date approaches, Nia Jax’s confidence begins to falter and it falls to The Bella Twins to raise her spirits. An all-new Total Divas airs tonight at 9/8 C on E!.

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Brie Bella’s attempt to get pregnant with Daniel Bryan seem to have finally paid off on E!’s Total Divas … until it turns out they haven’t yet. While Brie is disappointed, the close call does make her realize her wild-child days are numbered and, if she really is going to be a mom, she had better make the most of it before she is. Sexy bathing suit photoshoots and Brie Mode ensue, and it’s Nikki who ends up having to talk her sister down and remind her that having a child doesn’t mean Brie is never going to look good or have fun again.