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Smackdown Results, Photos & Video


After months of verbal and physical attacks, Nikki Bella and Natalya finally settled the score in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. The contest proved brutal with both The Queen of Black Harts and Fearless Nikki refusing to back down.

Then, just when It appeared that Bella was closing in on the victory, Maryse interfered, hitting Fearless Nikki multiple times with a steel pipe in what could only be seen as retribution for Nikki being thrown into her by Natalya backstage earlier in the contest. Maryse was soon pulled to the back by her husband, The Miz, but her interjection allowed Natalya to defeat the defenseless Nikki for the win.

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  1. Maryse should have stayed out of it she knew it wasn’t Nikki’s fault and she was in the middle of a match. Natyla still didn’t beat Nikki not by a long Shot. Only with Maryse interfere is the only way she pined her! Nikki is still the Best . AND THE BELLAS ARE THE QUEENS! ALSO BECKY DID GREAT. WATCH OUT FOR THE WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST & WEST THEY FLY ON THE SAME BROOM STICK . LOVE THE BELLAS

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