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Total Bellas Season 2 Episode 5 Recap, Video & Photos

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With Daniel Bryan in tow, The Bella family is headed to Sonoma, Calif. this week for both business and pleasure: The twins are about to launch their wine, Belle Radici (“beautiful roots” in Italian), and they decide to get a little family vacation in while they’re at it. (John Cena and JJ’s family stay at home for this one, though they both drop in via FaceTime.)

All this business talk is a little too fussy for JJ, who decides to liven up the mood by playing an increasingly disruptive series of pranks, and his first target is Mama Bella (more on her in a bit). Nikki gets the better of JJ by shoving him in a pool, but baby brother’s grand finale — he literally jumps out of the bushes and yells — ends up going too far when Nikki tumbles down the steps and hurts her hand. Everyone’s annoyed at JJ, and he’s left to give an embarrassed apology, making him, like so many others, both the winner and loser of the prank war he started.

The launch of the Bellas’ wine is a triumphant occasion for everyone except Brie Bella, who is pregnant and unable to give herself a taste. While some say she can try it without worrying about the baby, Bryan is having none of that idea, and Brie decides this isn’t the hill to die on. It does lead to a fun social experiment where Nikki straps on a fake baby belly and has a drink at a winery to see how people react (they’re wary but admit to dabbling themselves once Nikki explains the situation). Thus, Brie decides not to try the wine and leave quality control to everyone else for the time being, a pleasantly low-key move for such a drama-filled episode.

It’s been a long time since Mama Bella got the spotlight on her daughters’ show, but Total Bellas casts its eye toward the matriarch, and we get a very stressful insight on what it’s like to be her. For one, Kathy attempts to give her kids business advice before the Belle Radici meetings, only to be met with dismissiveness, if not outright sarcasm. Bryan, who’s debating a business venture of his own, is the only one who considers what she has to say.

Sensing blood in the water, the kids bust their mom’s chops for the duration of the trip, and while some of it is all in good fun (a Mama Bella rap gets rave reviews), Bryan and John Laurinaitis point out that it starts to cross the line at a certain point. Which, of course, it does, and Kathy breaks down in front of the whole family. The kids back down and insist their jokes are all in good fun, and everyone settles down and gives Kathy three cheers by way of an apology. Of course, five minutes later, JJ pranks Nikki and she hurts her hand, but, you know, you take the wins when you can get them.

Total Bellas Recap: The Family Takes a Trip to Sonoma and the Bella Twins Celebrate the Launch of Their New Wine

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Nikki Bella waltzes through Guilty Pleasures Night on “Dancing with the Stars”

Nikki Bella is still in the running for the Mirror Ball Trophy on “Dancing with the Stars” after a surprise non-elimination week … and a visit from John Cena!

After surviving a double-elimination last week and dancing a non-traditional Viennese Waltz with professional partner Artem Chigvintsev on Monday’s Guilty Pleasures Night, the Bella Twin – and the rest of the celebrity dancers – escaped elimination on ABC’s reality hit.

“There’s no elimination this week as we focus on the guilty pleasures of our stars,” host Tom Bergeron revealed to the delight of the crowd and the stars, who started the show by paying tribute to those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas.

Before her dance, Nikki revealed her guilty pleasure is romance novels, such as “Fifty Shades of Grey.” She didn’t hold back during her seductive Viennese Waltz to “Love on the Brain” with Chigvintsev, while Brie Bella, sister-in-law Lauren Garcia and fiancé John Cena watched from the audience. When it was time for the judges’ scores, Cena joined his bride-to-be on the dance floor.

“I thought it was spicy. I thought it was exciting. I thought it was sexy. I thought it was fearless,” Cena told Nikki. “I thought it was every reason I love you.”

On the other hand, Judge Len Goodman said, “I wasn’t exactly transported to old Vienna with the elegance … It was a tad on the aggressive side.”

Cena quipped back: “That’s my girl, she’s aggressive.”

Nikki’s score improved to 21, but she still needs your votes to stay in the running for The Mirror Ball Trophy! Call to vote for Nikki toll-free at 1-800-868-3409. (Save this number, as it will be Nikki and Artem’s number to dial each week!) Note, only your first 11 votes count, and phonelines stay open for only 60 minutes after the finish of “Dancing with the Stars” in your local time zone. You can also vote online 11 times at

See Nikki next Monday when “Dancing with the Stars” returns to ABC at 8/7 C.