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While the Total Divas prepare for the outcome of the WWE Draft, Nikki Bella is still in the first stages of her comeback and finds herself in the unique position of having an unwilling training partner. While Nikki is trying to go full-tilt into it and test her injured neck right away, Natalya more or less refuses to practice any maneuvers that would put The Fearless One at risk. Nikki gives an ultimatum — get with the program or I’ll find someone else — that almost sends Nattie running, but Brie Bella explains that Nikki essentially needs unwavering support if she’s going to complete this comeback. It all leads to a meeting at one of the first post-Draft SmackDown LIVEs, where Nattie and Nikki clear the air and the latter redoubles her efforts to get back in the ring.

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Nikki Tweets About Taking Time Off From WWE

Nikki is taking time off to let her neck heal and also spend time with Brie while filming Total Bellas. Brie’s due date, April 30th, is fast approaching!