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Total Divas Recap, Photos

Daniel Bryan is up and running as the GM of SmackDown LIVE, and Brie Bella has been keeping him company on the road. Which isn’t exactly a problem, per se, so much as it is mildly uncomfortable for her given that she’s retired. It becomes an issue quickly enough, though, when Brie misses out on a crucial conference call with Nikki because she can’t get wifi at the hotel. Nikki tells Brie like it is and suggests she is once again putting her own projects at risk for the sake of making Bryan comfortable, which is especially insane since she’s no longer with the company. As angry as Brie gets, she acquiesces that Nikki has a point, and The Beard doesn’t put up a fuss when Brie asks if she can stop traveling so as to better focus on her other endeavors.


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