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May 4th Raw Results

Naomi and Tamina attacked The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins have proven to be the thorns in Naomi’s side, but now she’s got some muscle of her own to back her up. Before Nikki and Brie could even make it to the ring on Raw, a returning Tamina acted as the equalizer, joining her cousin-by-marriage on a two-Diva beatdown of The Bellas and a warning of further punishment to come.

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Bella Twins Beauty Routines

It’s not easy looking fabulous while getting thrown around in a wrestling match, but The Bella Twins make it look like a piece of cake. Brie and Nikki Bella are the action-packed duo who are not only WWE wrestlers but also stars of the E! hit, Total Divas.

At a young age, the girls were natural-born athletes. They started playing soccer in the third grade. By the time they finished high school in Scottsdale, their Hollywood dreams would eventually move them to LA where they would pursue acting and modeling. They landed their first gig on TV on a Fox reality show called Meet My Folks. A few years later, they would compete in a life-changing competition called the International Body Doubles Twin Search, which further led them to the WWE Diva Search. It was at that moment when they decided to move to Tampa to begin their training as wrestlers for WWE. And the rest is history!

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The Funniest and Most Awkward Photoshoot Outtakes

Superstars and Divas pose for thousands of pictures — some serious, some goofy — each year, but not every photo makes it to We found these outtakes on the cutting room floor.


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Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Interview with WWE’s Bella Twins

KSTP Columnist Aaron Chalich had the opportunity to interview WWE’s Bella Twins via email this past week.

Aaron: What inspired both of you to become professional wrestlers?

Bella Twins: I saw Divas on TV and I thought Wow!! That’s our calling! Strong women kicking butt and telling amazing stories. They were so intriguing and empowering. I was such a wanderlust and instantly felt a connection with professional wrestling. Continue reading Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Interview with WWE’s Bella Twins