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Charlotte defeated Brie Bella

She’s the Diva so nice, she beat Brie Bella twice. Charlotte was the first of the new faces of the transformed Divas division to make a statement at WWE Battleground, submitting Brie Bella in an impromptu Divas Triple Threat that also included Sasha Banks. The Bella Twins’ title-less half demanded a rematch on Raw and despite the in-ring absence of The Boss to complicate matters, Ric Flair’s stylin’ and profilin’ progeny got the job done again.

Granted, Sasha and her fellow Team B.A.D. (Beautiful and Dangerous) cohorts Naomi and Tamina were on commentary, but that gave them a front-row seat to Charlotte’s come-from-behind victory over Brie, who channeled her husband’s kicks to put Charlotte on her heels. A comeback from Charlotte brought Nikki onto the apron, but the self-proclaimed genetically superior Diva booted the champion off the apron and applied the Figure-Eight once again.

NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks & Naomi def. Paige & Becky Lynch

Sasha Banks isn’t just The Boss. She’s so B.A.D., she’s good. The NXT Women’s Champion got shown up by Charlotte at WWE Battleground, but Team B.A.D.’s resident titleholder got hers on Raw, earning her own stripes with a victory during a tag team match that bookended the transformed Divas division’s renewed presence on Raw.

And despite all their insistences they still run the roost, Team Bella was on commentary to witness the contest, which featured heavy doses of Sasha and Becky mixing it up, NXT style, with Naomi and Paige dropping in to add to the chaos. Things hit a fever pitch when Sasha stormed the ring to save Naomi from the PTO, and in the instigating confusion, tagged back in to apply the Bank Statement to a wounded Paige. It’s a fate that may well await The Bellas when they face Sasha & Naomi on SmackDown. #Legit.

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Battleground Results

The new blood pulsing through the veins of the Divas division was just set to a boil. In a clash of Diva clans – Team Bella, Team Paige and Team B.A.D. – each trio selected one member of their squad to represent them at WWE Battleground with Charlotte prevailing over Brie Bella and Sasha Banks to shine the spotlight on Team Paige.

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Migme Interview With Nikki Bella

Throughout her career as a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) wrestler Nikki Bella has suffered multiple injuries. She broke her nose twice, cracked her right tibia once, tore her hamstring and abductor, and is currently recovering from a separated shoulder. But these injuries do not scare Nikki. She’s been wrestling for at least two weeks while waiting for her shoulder to heal. Continue reading Migme Interview With Nikki Bella

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Vulcan Post Interview With Nikki Bella

#GetFitWithVP: Nikki Bella, Professional Wrestler, WWE Divas Champion


It was 11:30 am in the morning in sunny Singapore on July 2, which was the day WWE will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I had the privilege to catch up with Nikki Bella—the current and second longest reigning WWE Divas champion—to ask her about her body, fitness tips, and her favourite wine garden in the world.

To be in the WWE wrestling field, there’s a lot of time commitment whereby they are often on the road travelling from city to city an average of 250-300 days a year. As a sports entertainer, Nikki definitely has what it takes to be a top WWE Divas Champion, she’s stunning, strong, and in incredible shape, which is a perfect result of effort and dedication, as she controls what she eats on her road.

“Yes, I’m a foodie. Unlike Brie, she can like stuff a burger, and looks super skinny, I stuff a burger, people would be like, ‘What happened to Nikki Bella?’ When I’m on the road, I do as best as I can, with six days, no diary, no sugar, no starch, I would also do like a protein bar before and after workout.

However, as a self-proclaimed foodie, she definitely knows how to reward herself. Continue reading Vulcan Post Interview With Nikki Bella

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“The Straits Times” Interview With Nikki Bella

nbella177One-half of the Bella twins, Nikki Bella is the current Divas champion. She’s also known for starring in E!’s Total Divas, a reality show that follows a group of WWE Divas in and out of the ring.

Q: You’re the second longest reigning Divas champion now. What are your future goals and aims?

My number one goal right now is to be the longest reigning Divas champion. I know it’s going to be tough to beat AJ Lee’s record of 295 days which means I have to keep it till after Night Of Champions (a WWE per-per-view on September 21). It’s going to be really tough.

Another goal is make this championship mean something. I want to leave a legacy, to make the Divas division amazing. I hope I get more opportunities to do this and that the people upstairs, the bosses continue to listen, because there’s so much I would love to do with this championship.

Q: Some female wrestlers such as Beth Phoenix and Natalya prefer to just focus more on wrestling. But the Bellas often do red carpet events. How do you answer your critics that you’re just more than a pretty face? Continue reading “The Straits Times” Interview With Nikki Bella