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Total Divas, Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Photos

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WWE was headed overseas for the April European Tour. Naomi let everyone know which route of cities they’d all be on on, and Paige and Naomi were with the Bellas. Nikki made plans to have fun while there. Paige said she thinks Nikki is prim and proper. Over in England, the girls go out and about and Nikki was the only one who was stopped for a photo. Later, Nikki, Brie and Paige go to “tea time”. Nikki brought fancy hats for them to wear. Paige wasn’t having a good time and left. In the talking head, Paige mocked Nikki for being fancy and having worked in Hooters and growing up on a farm. Later, backstage at the live event, Nikki found Paige so they could talk. Paige told Nikki that the whole thing was pretentious and fake. Later, Nikki and John take Brie out to dinner, since it’s her anniversary but she is away from Bryan. They talked over the situation with Paige and John said that she had nothing to be ashamed of. John and Nikki were SO cute!! Later, Paige talked to Brie and wanted to know if Nikki was mad at her. Brie explained Nikki’s point of view. At the show, Paige found Nikki and apologized.

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Bryan Talks About The Divas At Wrestlemania

Brie’s husband Bryan was interviewed by the UK Mirror and mentioned Brie at Wrestlemania:

The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar and just taking all the heart out of the crowd! There were also little things that were important in the day to me. Brie had to go out right after that. It was important to me, Brie’s experience at WrestleMania too. We were getting married five days later! So she has to go out with all the other Divas right after The Undertaker’s streak has ended. So I was watching that and being very concerned for her and them, because that’s a very tough position to be in.

It’s a really good interview with Bryan and I’d suggest you check it out and also get Bryan’s book!

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Meet The Submission Sorority. They’re talented, they’re gorgeous, and they will tap you out in about five freaking seconds, especially if your last name is “Bella.” How do we know this? Well, two of the Divas division’s newest pledges, Charlotte & Becky Lynch, took on the resident queen bees and almost immediately backed up their moniker, locking in holds that torqued The Bella Twins’ joints into every angle imaginable.

Watch: Team Bella taps to The Submission Sorority

The twins were no slouches themselves, though. After taking a fair amount of punishment, Brie managed to escape the Dis-arm-her and give Team Bella some life. But once Becky reached Charlotte, all of The Bellas’ blunt-force offense couldn’t match the former NXT Women’s Champion’s ingenuity. A fresh Nikki found herself tapping to the Figure-Eight moments later, giving The Submission Sorority their latest win. And don’t forget: On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

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Nikki Bella on “Unfiltered” With Renee Young on Wednesday!


A new episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young will premiere on the WWE Network this Wednesday at 4pm EST and Renee will be interviewing WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella! This will be a supersized episode and will be 30 minutes long! Exciting!!