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Charlotte & Becky Lynch battled The Bella Twins in a hard-hitting tag team contest as all three members of Team B.A.D. watched closely while joining the SmackDown commentary team. Once the dust settled in the latest Divas Revolution showdown, Team PCB ended up victorious after the “genetically superior” Diva used Charlotte’s Web to pin Brie Bella.

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Upcoming Episode Recaps For Total Divas

Clash of the Divas
Season 4, Episode 9
September 1, 2015
Paige lands herself in hot water with the WWE; Nattie sets her sister up with Big E; and Bryan takes issue with Brie’s new sexy wardrobe.

Gone With the Wine
Season 4, Episode 10
September 8, 2015
Nikki takes a much-needed vacation in Napa, while Trinity drags her family on an RV camping trip, and Eva is forced to choose between her career and Jonathan.

An Unwanted Proposal
Season 4, Episode 11
September 15, 2015
Paige is blindsided by a marriage proposal; Brie and Bryan clash over his future; and Trinity’s plans for Jon’s standup career backfire.

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ChicagoNow Interview With Nikki Bella


WWE Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella has shown that she is fit to represent the women in wrestling and that effort has included a 279 day title reign. However with the recent NXT roster surge, this weekend Nikki’s match at SummerSlam is a unique one. Team Bella will take on both Team B.A.D. and Team PCB.

Nikki took some time to talk with me regarding her upcoming match, her title reign, and her boyfriend John Cena.

The Diva’s Championship has always been looked at as a belt that can carry the diva holding it. What are your thoughts on your title reign that is close to becoming the longest in the WWE?

I think it has gone amazing. I think I have done a lot of great stories. It all started with me turning on my sister and that whole story with Stephanie McMahon. It wasn’t only a great story for the WWE but for woman in our industry. The story started with Daniel Bryan and it was so real and felt so captured by it. Continue reading ChicagoNow Interview With Nikki Bella

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Total Divas Recap & Photos

The competitive juices of the Bellas get flowing once again when Brie is recruited to sing her own theme song, with less-than-ideal results. Believing she can one-up her sister in all areas of life, Nikki books a recording session for herself and fails in even more cringe-worthy fashion. Not that this stops her boasting, so Brie one-ups her once and for all by convincing Nikki she’s been booked to sing the national anthem at a hockey game, leading to a minor panic attack before the ruse is revealed. Brie Mode for the win.

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