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Mick Foley Blogs About Brie Bella’s Support of NXT Divas Revolution

Mick Foley wrote a blog yesterday on Facebook, praising Brie for helping to bring about change in the women’s division in WWE:

Brie Bella is the unsung hero of the #‎Womens Wrestling‬ revolution. As anyone who follows me knows, I have been a HUGE proponent of the ‪NXT‬ women – and firmly believe that what we saw last week on Monday Night WWE Raw – with the arrival of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte was just a harbinger of great things to come for women in #‎WWE‬.

Read the rest on his blog.

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Total Divas Recap & Photos

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Brie and Paige arrived at an airport. Paige was shocked when Brie told her that the girls all wore fancy gowns to the Hall of Fame ceremony. Brie compared it to the Oscars.

Back in Phoenix, Nikki & Brie were driving together when Brie informed Nikki that she was two weeks late and could be pregnant. Back at Brie’s house, she cries when she tells Nikki that she is definitely not pregnant. Nikki says it shatters her heart when she sees Brie cry and that Brie really wants a child. Brie worries that there’s an obstacle keeping her from getting pregnant.

Brie & Nicole had lunch with their mom, who consoles Brie and suggests that she and Bryan get fertility testing. They planned a trip to Napa in the fall and Brie said she hopes she is pregnant by then. Brie joked that she could use one of Nikki’s eggs to have a baby. Nikki laughed and said it would be her & Bryan’s child walking around and Bryan would hate himself.

Bryan and Brie go for fertility testing. Bryan made lots of jokes and sang Brie’s theme music to her. Both of them were embarrassed about what Bryan had to do for the actual test.

Stephanie asked Bryan to present the first Warrior Award to Connor Michalek at the Hall of Fame ceremony. Stephanie mentioned that she had seen Brie holding babies earlier backstage.

Paige gives Brie a recap on dinner the night before and how there was a lot of drama and of course, it surrounded Eva. Brie mentioned how she called Eva out for never posting on social media about WWE and within 24 hours Eva had started to do just that.

Nikki and Brie talked about Nikki playing to meet with Eva the next day. Brie said she wouldn’t be there.

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Raw Results & Photos

The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox headed to the ring. Nikki noted that she beat A.J. Lee on November 23, 2014. She said she has given every Diva a chance. Stephanie McMahon interrupted Nikki. Stephanie took exception to Nikki acting like she was in charge of the Divas division when she owns WWE. Stephanie spoke about how there is a revolution in sports with women shining in soccer, UFC, and tennis. She said it’s time for WWE to make a change in the Divas division right now. She said she’s not going to do that alone. She introduced Paige as a woman who is trying to make a difference. Paige made her entrance.

Nikki wondered why Paige was there since she’s been beating her over and over. Stephanie got in Nikki’s face and said Paige was there because she wanted her there. Stephanie said Paige needs backup and for some reason nobody has been willing to stand by her side. Stephanie introduced Becky Lynch.  Becky Lynch made her entrance and shook hands with Paige once she arrived in the ring. Stephanie introduced “a woman who was bred for this business.” Stephanie introduced Charlotte, who received a good reaction from the fans. Charlotte hugged Paige and Lynch.

Naomi and Tamina made their entrance. She said they have unfinished business with the Bella Twins and Paige. One guy booed. No, really, one guy could be heard booing. Stephanie said she’s happy they were there. She said there’s someone else who thinks like Naomi does. Stephanie introduced NXT Women’s Champion “The Boss” Sasha Banks, who made her entrance.

Stephanie said she set the table of opportunity and wanted to see who would take it. Stephanie left the ring. The Bella Twins and Naomi stood in between the other six women. The fans chanted “this is awesome.” Nikki shoulder bumped Sasha, who grabbed her and threw her down.

A big brawl broke out. Charlotte had moments to shine before Naomi caught her with a kick. Paige put Naomi in the PTO. Tamina kicked paige. Sasha hit running knee lifts on a couple Divas, then Becky avoided her and tossed her to ringside. Charlotte applied the Figure Four on Alicia and then bridged. All three NXT women applied submission holds. A loud NXT chant broke out.

The Bella Twins and Alicia were tossed to ringside. Paige, Charlotte, and Lynch jawed at Sasha, Naomi, and Tamina. Stephanie was shown smiling on the stage.

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