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The Bellas Share Their Fitness Secrets On GMA

Nikki Bella’s fitness secret: Curb cravings with dark chocolate.

“What I like to stick to is 6 days out of the week I do no starch, no sugar, no dairy, and on that seventh day I go insane,” Nikki explained. “I start with donuts and end the night with burgers and fries. It’s like a full day of fun, but it’s kept me in amazing shape. It’s easy to do on the road. And I’m a sweet tooth person. I love sugar. So during those six days if I absolutely need sugar, I like to get a super dark chocolate bar, anything that’s like 98 percent cocoa, and I just take a little bite of it because it’s kind of bitter. It just cures that sweet tooth.”

Brie Bella’s fitness secret: Keep an ice chest of healthy snacks around for long drives.

“I’m always on the road so I need healthy snacks with me constantly,” said Brie, who is traveling on the road 300 days a year. “So I have my Whole Foods cooler, so I go there. When I get into town, I’ll get my veggie trays, I’ll get my snack peas and kombucha, I love kombucha, it’s fermented tea, natural caffeine.”

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Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2015

Nikki won BIG in this year’s Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2015. She won the following awards:

WWE Diva of the Year – Nikki Bella
Women of the Year 2015: Team Bella
Most Social – Nikki Bella
Most Improved Wrestler – Nikki Bella
Most Stylish – Nikki Bella
Best Heel – Nikki Bella
Best Moment – Nikki Bella Breaks Divas Title Record
Best Champion – Nikki Bella
Best Finisher – Nikki Bella’s Rack Attack

What a year she’s had!