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WWE Live Event results from St. Louis, Missouri

WWE Live Event results from St. Louis, Missouri (via

Nikki Bella (w/Brie Bella) beat Natalya in a non title match. In the beginning of the show the fans had to vote on whether or not Brie gets to stay on ringside. The results came in and Brie got to stay with a total of 66 percent. Nikki won with the Rack attack.

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January 15th Smackdown Results

Natalya def. Nikki Bella

The Bella Twins got a taste of their own medicine when Brie Bella’s attempt to distract Natalya on the ring apron backfired. As The Bella Twin held the attention of The Queen of Harts and the referee, Paige smacked a fallen Nikki Bella. The strike allowed Natalya to lock in the Sharpshooter, forcing the Divas Champion to tap out in the non-title match.

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Join the 2015 WrestleMania Reading Challenge



WWE and First Book today announced the launch of the 2015 WrestleMania Reading Challenge, giving students ages 4-18 the chance to win a trip to WrestleMania 31 on Sunday, March 29, 2015, at the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

Beginning today through Sunday, Feb. 22, students can register for the WrestleMania Reading Challenge at Through WWE’s partnership with First Book’s digital reading initiative, We Give Books, children between the ages of 4-12 can select a WWE Superstar Reading Buddy and read digital books to participate, while teens ages 13-18 can select a WWE Superstar Pen Pal, read a book and write an essay. Continue reading Join the 2015 WrestleMania Reading Challenge

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WWE’s The Bella Twins Reveal the Secrets to Their Killer Bodies

Anyone who has watched Nikki and Brie Bella (aka “The Bella Twins”) in the WWE ring knows that the sisters are as fierce as they come. WhoSay was thrilled to catch up with the Total Divas stars and pick their brains about their fitness and diet secrets. Spoiler alert: Despite being born only 16 minutes apart, Nikki and Brie have very different takes on working out, eating, and drinking.

Keep reading to learn their routines!

WWE’s The Bella Twins Reveal Their Fitness and Diet Secrets

WhoSay: What are your fitness regiments outside of the ring? Are they the same?

Nikki: I love doing the elliptical at least 3-4 times a week. Other than that, I’m doing weightlifting. I had to cut back to about three days a week, just because of all the wrestling I’ve been doing. It’s been a lot of wear and tear on my body. On my other days I have become obsessed with barre class. I can lift heavy weights, but when I get into barre it’s so hard for me to lift my own body weight.

Brie: In addition to cardio, I am so into yoga, Pilates, and barre class. I believe in strengthening your core because, not only do you get abs, but you’re protecting your lower back. You’re becoming lean and long and that’s a body type I’m into.

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