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Nikki Shares A Photo From Training Classic factions reborn with female Superstars
Categories Miscellaneous Classic factions reborn with female Superstars

The new “Ghostbusters” movie is a reimagining of the 1985 classic — only this time with an all-female lead cast. That switch earned the film some early backlash from outraged fans, but it made us think: What would classic factions throughout WWE history look like with all-female members?

The nWo

Our culture is obsessed with super groups — The Avengers, the 2016 Golden State Warriors, The nWo — which, if these three Superstars actually ever grouped up together, would most certainly stand for The New Women’s Order.

Sasha Banks and The Bella Twins, although all young, are also already icons of the Women’s division in WWE. The original nWo was founded upon the idea of all-stars coming together to form a group that would be borderline unstoppable … and The Boss merging with The Bella Empire would be just that.

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Bella Twins Named As One of 30 Impactful Athletes In Variety

Bella Twins
Forget the wrestler clichés — muscled dudes in weird outfits and weirder hairstyles — and check out WWE superstars Nikki and Brie, the Bella Twins. With a social media presence of more than 20 million followers, they’ve entertained fans around the world with their athleticism and personalities, and proved to be a powerful marketing force, as part of campaigns for Pepsi, DraftKings, Slim Jim, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. E! will debut “Total Bellas,” a spinoff of the network’s hit series “Total Divas,” on Oct. 5. “In a male-dominated industry like WWE, being impactful was always important, but our goal will always be sending an inspirational message, affecting lives outside WWE,” they note.