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Alicia Fox On Her Friendship With The Bellas

Alicia Fox spoke with Channel Guide Magazine for a new interview and spoke about her friendship with the Bellas:

“We’ve been friends going on about 10 years now. It’s pretty cool that we’ve been able to struggle together and grow together. However, in recent months — with Nikki’s injury and whether or not Brie is going to start a family and all the stuff happening with Daniel [Bryan] and his injury and retirement — it really means a lot that they can trust me as a friend and have me on their supporting team. It feels good to go through that with them, because I constantly put myself in their shoes and figure how I would deal with everything. It can be giving advice or just listening to them, I want to be there. Then too, being in the same industry, it’s a different lesson. You think, ‘This injury could have happened to me. I’ve been in it this whole time.’ With Nikki and her neck and if she is going to come back, these are real-life situations. I take this and think about where I structure my own plan and how it can totally change, because that’s reality. So I try to be a good friend to them and figure out a way to support them. That has definitely brought us a lot closer.”

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Crave Online Interview With Brie Bella!

Crave Online recently spoke with Brie Bella. She spoke about selfies, Total Divas, her feud with Lana and the perfect date night.

The term “Brie Mode” has brought on a new meaning. It once described the moment when Brie Bella would channel her party persona but now it represents something more than that. It represents strength.

With her husband now retired and her sister facing an uncertain future, the WWE Diva is now the last one standing. Bella has embraced the role with nothing but tenacity and toughness. She’s become “Momma Brie” as she tells it. The down-to-earth other half of the Bella Twins, has reached a point in her career where she’s trying to determine the next chapter in her life.

That’s never an easy thing to do with the cast of Total Divas and the drama that ensues.


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Raw Results, Photos & Video

The WWE Universe wants Lana. Brie Bella, however, has likely had enough for a while. The Ravishing Russian’s continued torment of the former Divas Champion left both Brie and her teammate Alicia Fox in ruins on Raw. First, the mere presence of Lana threw Team Bella off its game against Naomi & Tamina, then, her attempted intrusion into the match itself allowed Naomi & Tamina to pin Brie with a double-team maneuver. When Alicia Fox attempted to repay The Ravishing Russian, she got dropped as well with a pair of superkicks straight to the chin from the B.A.D. veterans.

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Pit your NCAA brackets against WWE Superstars!


It’s time to get your bracket ready and check the stats, analysis and polls because March Madness is upon us! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament tips off this week, and now, you have the chance to test your bracketology skills against WWE Superstars and Divas in the ESPN Tournament Challenge.

It’s easy to join: Just head over to the WWE Group on and sign up. You’ll be competing against The Miz, Luke Harper, Brie Bella and more, so you better bring your “A-game.” But just imagine — if you’re bracket wins, or if your brackets perform better than a WWE Superstar or Divas, there aren’t much finer bragging rights than that.