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January 14th Smackdown Results, Photos & Results

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During a backstage interview before her match on SmackDown, Becky Lynch proposed a match at the Royal Rumble against Divas Champion Charlotte, but will Becky’s former friend accept? Meanwhile, in the ring, the fiery Diva continued to make her case for another Divas Championship opportunity by withstanding Brie Bella’s onslaught of kicks to lock in the Dis-arm-her submission for the tap out victory.

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Videos: Bellas on GMA

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The Bellas Share Their Fitness Secrets On GMA

Nikki Bella’s fitness secret: Curb cravings with dark chocolate.

“What I like to stick to is 6 days out of the week I do no starch, no sugar, no dairy, and on that seventh day I go insane,” Nikki explained. “I start with donuts and end the night with burgers and fries. It’s like a full day of fun, but it’s kept me in amazing shape. It’s easy to do on the road. And I’m a sweet tooth person. I love sugar. So during those six days if I absolutely need sugar, I like to get a super dark chocolate bar, anything that’s like 98 percent cocoa, and I just take a little bite of it because it’s kind of bitter. It just cures that sweet tooth.”

Brie Bella’s fitness secret: Keep an ice chest of healthy snacks around for long drives.

“I’m always on the road so I need healthy snacks with me constantly,” said Brie, who is traveling on the road 300 days a year. “So I have my Whole Foods cooler, so I go there. When I get into town, I’ll get my veggie trays, I’ll get my snack peas and kombucha, I love kombucha, it’s fermented tea, natural caffeine.”