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Fan Made Video: “Don’t Let Me Drown” – The Bella Twins MV

I’m finally back with a new video! This video is a little bit personal to me and one of my favorites just because it symbolizes something in my time as an editor. I feel like when I made the Brie video, people finally took notice of me as an editor and that was a great feeling and then with the Nikki video a year later, I felt I had really developed my own style that seemed like it took me years to finally figure out.

I wanted to create this video to showcase the last few years of Brie and Nikki’s careers as individuals. With Brie, I wanted to show how she finished her career fighting for her husband and sister before retiring to become a mother, only to return this year. With Nikki, I wanted to showcase her injury, relationship with John and her comeback from those two, and finishing off with their return as a tag team in the end.

I really hope you all enjoy!