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Nikki Bella may yet be on borrowed time as a WWE Superstar, but with two days in France to herself, she’s chosen to forget about her worries and her strife, instead taking in the various delights of the City of Light. This mainly comprises of cheese, bread and macaroons, all day every day, which Brie worries is a neglect of her physical upkeep. Of course, Brie hammers the point home so incessantly it causes a rift between the Bellas, though this, too, is resolved amicably when Nikki arranges for a private macaroon-cooking class to help her twin loosen up a bit.

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The Bellas are cohosting the Today Show and use the opportunity to set up a meeting regarding their proposal for a signature lingerie line. Brie changes the topic of discussion which irritates Nikki, who is intent on making the lingerie line a reality.

Nikki lines up a meeting with Daymond John of Shark Tank fame to pitch the lingerie line, but Brie is apprehensive to let outside influence determine the design of the lingerie. Brie insists on putting together her own lingerie prototype to present at the meeting.

Brie and Nikki visit a fashion school to attempt to create their prototype. Nikki is annoyed at Brie’s stubborn behavior, even when she is clearly over her head with sewing and any lacking any design skills. They butt heads over their vision for the lingerie line, and Nikki remains irritated by Brie’s stubbornness.

Nikki arranges a meeting with famous designer Kara Ross to show Brie that even successful businesswoman need other people to assist in their designs. Brie makes amends with Nikki and apologizes for her stubbornness regarding the lingerie line. She feels that she’s a couple steps behind Nikki when regarding the business world, and tells Nikki that she was right about everything.

It’s the day of the big meeting with Daymond John, and The Bellas lay out their entire business plan. Daymond is pleasantly surprised by the “pay it forward” component to the business, and brings in his production staff to help draw up ideas. Daymond says he’ll talk with his team and see if the lingerie line is something they can make reality, and that he’ll be in touch.

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At WrestleMania, 10 Divas will collide in a huge tag team match in which the “Total Divas” will go head-to-head with the group that calls themselves “B.A.D. & Blonde.” The only problem was that the Total Divas were still one competitor short six days out.

In the meantime, Raw featured a singles match featuring Paige — flanked by Brie Bella, Alicia Fox and Natalya — against Emma — flanked by Naomi, Tamina, Lana and Summer Rae. And in the height of the action, Lana took advantage of the chaos that formed outside the ring to kick The Diva of Tomorrow and set Emma up for the win.

When the action continued after the bell, though, Eva Marie unfortunately returned, emerging from NXT to help the Total Divas thwart their adversaries.