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Paige def. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Brie Bella to become No. 1 Contender to the Divas Championship

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Paige has been crowing for weeks — sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes overly aggressively — that the Divas Revolution truly began with her. Now, she’ll get a chance to prove herself as the true flag-bearer of the next generation, thanks to a Fatal 4-Way victory over Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Brie Bella that puts her on a collision course with Charlotte at Survivor Series.

She did so, largely, by lying in wait for the rest of the Divas to tear each other apart. Brie Mode had activated with some Daniel Bryan-esque kicks. Becky had demolished everyone with a Tower of Doom. And when Sasha followed up by locking in the Bank Statement on The Lass Kicker, victory was ripe for the taking. Paige did so in merciless fashion, chucking Sasha out of the ring and Ram-Paiging Becky into a crater for the win.

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Oct 26th Raw Results & Photos

Team Bella def. PCB

PCB is no more. For real this time, it seems, as Paige’s iffy reconciliation with Charlotte and Becky Lynch reached its breaking point after The Lass Kicker was felled by Team Bella in a Six-Diva tussle on Raw. Never mind that Paige was on the receiving end of a shellacking from Nikki & Co. and needed Charlotte and Becky to pull her out of the fire. Once a rolling Lynch — spurred on by “We want Becky!” chants — was stopped short by a forearm and a Rack Attack, Paige showed her true colors by laying out her now-former friends with a pair of Ram-Paiges and, as the final insult, a PTO to Charlotte.

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Hell In A Cell Results, Photos & Video

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In the sold-out Staples Center at Hell in a Cell, Divas Champion Charlotte reigned supreme over former titleholder Nikki Bella, ending a hard-fought showdown at WWE Hell in a Cell by making her tap-out to the Figure Eight Leg Lock.

With the Divas Revolution spinning out of control in recent weeks, a true winner would be assured on the award-winning WWE Network pay-per-view – as Charlotte would battle the longest reigning Divas Champion of all-time with no one allowed at ringside, assuring there would be no interference.

From the opening bell, Nikki showed ruthless aggression to be sure, punishing the titleholder’s knee throughout the contest. But no matter how much she suffered, Charlotte would not give in and rallied back with the heart of a true champion. Ironically, Nikki soon injuredher knee. And after an incredible maneuver in which the daughter of Ric Flair flipped over her No. 1 contender on the top rope and brought her opponent crashing down to the canvas, the tide truly started to turn. And after battling back from Nikki’s extremely fierce attack outside the ring, Charlotte escaped her adversary’s pinfall attempt and made her tap-out to the Figure Eight Leg Lock.

Charlotte triumphed in her rematch against Nikki and she did it with Flair. Still, never underestimate Team Bellas’ collective ability to get right back in the fight. Then again, with so many elite Divas looking to steal the limelight week after week, one has to wonder who will challenge Charlotte next.

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Oct 22nd Smackdown Results, Photos & Video

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Nikki Bella defeated Paige

Paige made a strong attempt to explain her recent actions to fellow Team PCB members Charlotte and Becky Lynch, while denying that she has anything to do with Natalya being mysteriously attacked one week earlier.

This rocky discussion was interrupted by Team Bella, three days before Nikki will get her Divas Title rematch with Charlotte at Hell in a Cell. While the daughter of Ric Flair didn’t want to wait for Sunday to get her hands on her No. 1 contender, Paige quickly barged forward to challenge the longest-reigning Divas Champion instead. Was she once again trying to make it all about her, or was she simply trying to make amends?

In the contest that followed — approved by Corporate Kane — Nikki decisively triumphed over The Diva of Tomorrow with the Rack Attack. Will Bella prove beautiful this Sunday?