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Meet The Submission Sorority. They’re talented, they’re gorgeous, and they will tap you out in about five freaking seconds, especially if your last name is “Bella.” How do we know this? Well, two of the Divas division’s newest pledges, Charlotte & Becky Lynch, took on the resident queen bees and almost immediately backed up their moniker, locking in holds that torqued The Bella Twins’ joints into every angle imaginable.

Watch: Team Bella taps to The Submission Sorority

The twins were no slouches themselves, though. After taking a fair amount of punishment, Brie managed to escape the Dis-arm-her and give Team Bella some life. But once Becky reached Charlotte, all of The Bellas’ blunt-force offense couldn’t match the former NXT Women’s Champion’s ingenuity. A fresh Nikki found herself tapping to the Figure-Eight moments later, giving The Submission Sorority their latest win. And don’t forget: On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

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Nikki Bella Gets Real Over Her Major Meltdown

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Can Nikki Bella cool her tense feud with Daniel Bryan? It won’t be easy!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, the WWE star visits sister Brie Bella’s husband to clear the air after their fiery exchange. Nikki brings gifts for the WWE star to calm his temper, but they don’t go over well.

“I’m sorry,” says Nikki. “I guess I was just maybe PMS-ing”

“All the time?” replies Brie. “Because you get mad all the time about it!”

Will Nikki be able to pay her dues for getting nasty with Daniel?

When Nikki’s attempts to satisfy the couple hit the skids, Daniel and Brie come up with a filthy idea to get back at the Diva!

Watch the clip to see how Nikki gets down and dirty for her fellow WWE stars!

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WWE Divas Bash Eva Marie’s Nasty Attitude—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!


What’s the deal with Eva Marie’s feud with Nikki Bella? Her fellow Divas want to get the bottom of their bad blood!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, WWE superstars Nattie, Brie Bella and Paige drop their wrestling gear and get glammed up for the WWE Hall of Fame. But even the awesome festivities can’t hide the Divas’ anger with Eva.

“I’m actually speechless,” says Nattie.

“Eva just kind of bashed being a Divas champion and said that because of the champion [Nikki Bella is], everyone talks s–t and the locker room is a negative place,” recalls Brie. But Eva’s fellow Divas aren’t buying it.

“Does she not realize that she’s the one that’s the problem and it isn’t Nikki?” says Paige.

This feud it far from over! Watch the clip to find out how nasty things are getting between the stars!