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Despite Brie Bella’s retirement from the ring, she’s busier than ever. She and Nikki are recruited to grace the cover of Latina magazine and walk a red carpet at an event in support of their lingerie line, Birdiebee. Only problem is, Brie keeps trying to get home in order to begin starting a family with Daniel Bryan. Nikki is iffy about this turn of events, and keeps trying to talk Brie out of it. At first, Brie thinks it’s a combination of jealousy and selfishness on her business-oriented sister’s part, but turns out Nikki is worried that Bryan isn’t ready to have kids in light of his recent depression. Brie checks in with her husband and he admits that he’s worried about passing his depression onto their child, but their long-term plans still remain the same.

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Nikki and Brie Bella Take the E!Q in 42 Together and It’s Double the Sassy, Sexy Fun

Spoiler alert: The Bella twins think alike more often than not. They also Google together.

It was only logical that Nikki Bella and sister Brie Bella became the first duo to take the E!Q in 42, the Total Divas stars making for double the fun while answering our rapid-fire questions.

And even when they weren’t answering in unison (complete with the same hand gestures and hair flips), the ladies were quick to share a laugh when discussing their differences.

Such as Brie’s preference for Prince William, despite Nikki’s assertion that “Harry’s way more fun.”

Funny enough, when Nikki said that regular old cardio was her favorite way to work up a sweat, Brie said cheekily, “I thought you were going to say something else.”

“Making babies,” Nikki said in sing-song fashion as the two dissolved into giggles.

So we never did hear exactly what Brie’s favorite sweaty activity was—though it very well could’ve been making babies, considering she’s now expecting her first one with husband Daniel Bryan.

Either way, just like in the ring, everything’s better with two Bellas involved, E!Qs included.