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Total Divas Episode 9 Photos, Videos and recap

The Total Divas SummerSlam two-parter carries on as Maryse’s “Sex and the City” theme party approaches. Nia Jax, emboldened by The Bella Twins after a brief crisis of confidence, decides to invite her firefighter paramour from last episode to the shindig, to resounding success. She and the guy hit it off, the girls have a great time, and an impromptu fashion show that Nia organizes wows the guests. It’s not until the next day that the ladies decide to Google the guy and see what comes up. The results are surprising, to say the least, and it’s decided that Nia will not be contacting this gentleman again.

SummerSlam Week rolls on in New York City, and Nikki Bella has a full docket of appearances, despite not competing on the show. Brie Bella, on the other hand, is just tagging along with Birdie Joe and has no official role in the festivities. This apparent snub both bums her out and makes her even more despondent that WWE hasn’t asked her about a comeback yet, and Nikki has to remind Brie that she needs to be proactive and not just wait to be approached. Brie decides to speak with the higher-ups at SummerSlam, and despite a brief hiccup (Nikki gets the time of the show wrong, so they arrive late and miss most of John Cena’s match), they’re entirely receptive to the idea of Brie Mode’s return, even throwing out the idea of a stint from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Open Up to Nia Jax About Their Struggles With Body Shaming on Total Divas

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Why isn’t Brie Bella part of SummerSlam Week? Total Divas Preview

One Bella Down

In the second part of Total Divas’ SummerSlam extravaganza, Brie Bella finds herself left off of the week’s itinerary and has an idea as to why. Meanwhile, as her big date approaches, Nia Jax’s confidence begins to falter and it falls to The Bella Twins to raise her spirits. An all-new Total Divas airs tonight at 9/8 C on E!.

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Brie’s NATURALLY FLAWLESS glam session gets INTERRUPTED! | BellaGlam featuring Zac Phoenix

Learn this new boho look for 2018 and how to get through a glam session while your husband karate kicks, Birdie smiles and Winston begs. Follow @Zac_Phoenix for all the latest tricks and tips.

(There’s lots of photos of Brie on his IG, link above)

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Total Divas Episode 8 Recap, Videos & Photos

The Bellas headed to New York City for the SummerSlam festivities. They reflected on their lives and how much they changed in a year. Brie wondered why Nikki was doing signings and she wasn’t. She was worried that WWE thinks she doesn’t want to do things like that anymore. Maryse is throwing a Sex & The City party and Nikki buys cute purses for everyone. Most of the girls (and Rusev) went to a drag bar.