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Total Divas Recap

You might think time with Birdie Joe Danielson would kick Nikki Bella’s baby fever into overdrive — but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s Rusev who goes into full papa-bear mode when he and Nikki babysit, while Brie and Daniel Bryan train Lana for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Together, he and Nikki team up to plan a big Bulgarian birthday for the little one, despite Brie and Bryan’s objections—and missing Birdie’s birthday by a month. The party is still a blast, and the whole situation leads Rusev to pester Lana once again about having a baby, though he eventually accepts she still has goals to achieve and isn’t ready yet to put her life on hold for a child. Elsewhere, Paige, curious if there was ever a life outside of the ring for her, tries her hand at day jobs alongside Nia Jax. The friends turn things into a competition, just to keep it interesting, and Nia wins in the end, 2-1. Paige accepts defeat by admitting she’s not cut out for a regular gig, but that’s all right. She’s pretty good at her day job.


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