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Total Divas Recap

You might think time with Birdie Joe Danielson would kick Nikki Bella’s baby fever into overdrive — but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s Rusev who goes into full papa-bear mode when he and Nikki babysit, while Brie and Daniel Bryan train Lana for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Together, he and Nikki team up to plan a big Bulgarian birthday for the little one, despite Brie and Bryan’s objections—and missing Birdie’s birthday by a month. The party is still a blast, and the whole situation leads Rusev to pester Lana once again about having a baby, though he eventually accepts she still has goals to achieve and isn’t ready yet to put her life on hold for a child. Elsewhere, Paige, curious if there was ever a life outside of the ring for her, tries her hand at day jobs alongside Nia Jax. The friends turn things into a competition, just to keep it interesting, and Nia wins in the end, 2-1. Paige accepts defeat by admitting she’s not cut out for a regular gig, but that’s all right. She’s pretty good at her day job.


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Categories Bella Twins Photos Bella Twins Video Total Divas

Total Divas: Birthday wars

Natalya and Nia Jax are celebrating their birthdays, so the Total Divas take a girls’ trip that gets real weird, real fast.

Not only does Natalya instigate a prank war with Lana (The Ravishing Russian gets the last word), but the girls all administer a surprise for the birthday girls. Paige’s is the most shocking — a “naked sushi” dinner where the girls eat off the body of a man. Nikki Bella’s is the most fun (a dance-off). But the most heartwarming surprise comes when Brie Bella flies Nattie and Nia’s mothers in for dinner.

Given that Nia’s mother missed her WrestleMania match, it’s enough to bring The Irresistible Force to tears. Really, the one downside is the persistent paparazzi who are hot on Nikki Bella’s tail, so she decides to play into it by “flirting” with the bartender/model-type the girls have hired for the weekend. So, that’s where those pictures came from.

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