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Extra TV Interview – What Does Nikki Think Of John Possibly Co-Hosting on Live With Kelly?

I actually think he would do amazing because even when you see him host the ‘Today’ show, he’s so natural in front of the camera… I feel like he’s amazing at all that stuff, so Kelly, if you’re smart, you would have John.”

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Categories Bella Twins Interviews Total Bellas

Miami Herald Interview – Bellas Brand Wine Is On The Way!

“Unfortunately, our men [Daniel Bryan and John Cena] can’t make it, because they have other obligations,” Nikki said, ‘but our girlfriends will be there, which we’re excited about, and we also partnered with a few wine makers…The Bellas are actually coming out with their own wine. So we’re there for harvest, ready to bottle up some stuff. Our wine comes out in May, and we’re super excited about it.”

The Bellas are California girls (San Diego born), and Napa Valley is a renowned Californian wine-producing region north of San Francisco, with hundreds of vineyards set amid rolling hills. Sounds like a good fit.

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