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Total Bellas Recap

It’s been a tale of two comebacks on Total Bellas, and it’s quickly becoming a tale of two Bellas as well. On the one hand you have Nikki, who is so laser-focused on preparing for WWE Evolution that she’s deliberately burning the candle on both ends. She’s overworked, tired, and incapable of having fun (she’s dismissive of an otherwise-amusing axe throwing jaunt because it doesn’t count as training), but with the pressure on to deliver in a once-in-a-lifetime environment, she simply chalks all that up as the cost of doing business.

Brie, meanwhile, is still somewhat confused as to what her next move should be after being relegated to valet duty. Now that Evolution is getting closer and closer, she’s becoming more and more convinced that this might be as good a time as any to close the book on her career. The only issue remaining is where she and Daniel Bryan will live, as their adventures have taken them all over the West Coast and largely prohibited them from settling down in Phoenix like they had once planned. Brie ultimately announces to the family that she will be retiring after Evolution and her family will relocate back to Arizona, much to the delight of everyone — except Nikki, who isn’t sure why Brie is so intent on stopping after a successful comeback.