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Total Bellas Will Return For Season 2 In 2017!

Ahead of tonight’s Season 6 premiere of mothership series Total Divas, E! has picked up an eight-episode second season of hit spinoff Total Bellas, for premiere in 2017.

Season 2 will see WWE superstars Nikki Bella and John Cena temporarily relocate to Phoenix, AZ to help Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan through their first pregnancy.

“We are excited to build on the success of the first season of ‘Total Bellas’ by inviting viewers back for a second round of family fun with the Bellas and their fellas,” said Jeff Olde, EVP, Programming and Development, E! “Nikki, Brie, John and Daniel all exude copious amounts of wit, talent and strength, but it’s their openness to be completely real that has resonated with viewers and we are delighted to share an intimate look at two of WWE’s most prominent couples.”

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Total Bellas Season Finale Ratings

The season one finale of WWE’s Total Bellas drew 663,000 viewers and ranked #60 for the night on cable in the 18-49 demographic.

This is up from last week’s episode, which drew 536,000 viewers and ranked #23 for the night.

The series breakdown looks like this:

Episode 1: 632,000 viewers
Episode 2: 756,000 viewers
Episode 3: 625,000 viewers
Episode 4: 630,000 viewers
Episode 5: 536,000 viewers
Episode 6: 663,000 viewers
Total: 3.842 million viewers
Average: 640,000 viewers per episode

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Total Bellas Episode 6 Recap, Photos and Videos

As Kathy and John Laurinaitis’ wedding approaches on the Total Bellas’ season finale, Brie Bella is back in the family fold. Bryan is sitting the wedding out on the advice of his doctors, but the family reunion puts a spring in Nikki Bella’s step — at least for a while. What begins as shared joy over Kathy’s non-diagnosis at the women’s clinic turns hostile when Nikki floats the idea to Brie, once again, that she is deferring too much to Bryan at the expense of her own happiness. That leads to a knock-down fight between the Bella Twins that is thankfully resolved by the time Kathy says “I do.” But it’s clear the divide between Brie, who’s married and on the cusp of motherhood, and Nikki, who is not, is growing a little wider than either is comfortable with.

After the wedding bells have rung and the rice has been cleaned up, it’s time for Nikki to get a check-up from her doctor. And the results, while not as good as she’d hoped, per se, are still good. Her neck has healed to the point where Nikki is cleared to be a part of WrestleMania, though she cannot quite step back into the ring yet. So she has Sandra the seamstress pay her a house visit to get some new gear together in preparation for the big show. And so Total Bellas Season 1 comes to an end, and Total Divas picks up the ball next week at 8/7 CT on E!. Stay tuned for more …

In happier news, it’s time for the Bellas to get their wedding on! The marriage of Kathy and Big Johnny goes off, remarkably, without a hitch, save for a brief panic over Johnny being late while he and Brie work on perfecting her “Yes!” Lock technique for WrestleMania. The happy couple are married and, in one of the most emotional moments of the episode, Johnny tells the assembled Bella family how truly happy he is to be among them. It’s actually very sweet.


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Total Bellas Viewership

The fifth episode of Total Bellas on E! last night drew 536,000 viewers and ranked #23 for the night on cable in the 18-49 demographic.

This is down from last week’s episode, which drew 630,000 viewers and ranked #14 in the 18-49 demographic. However, the show was against Game 7 of the World Series.

The season finale will air next week.

The series breakdown looks like this:
Episode 1: 632,000 viewers
Episode 2: 756,000 viewers
Episode 3: 625,000 viewers
Episode 4: 630,000 viewers
Episode 5: 536,000 viewers

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ChannelGuide Interview: Total Bellas: Wrestling’s Superstar Twins Nikki and Brie on E!

The Bella Twins’ popularity has reached new heights with the success of the WWE reality series Total Divas.

So much, in fact, that E! green-lit a spinoff appropriately titled Total Bellas, which debuts Oct. 5, 8pm ET/7pm CT. The show, shot over the course of a month, sees Brie and husband Daniel Bryan staying under one roof in Tampa with Nikki and her longtime love John Cena.

Why do the show & who is in it?

“Brie and I were transitioning into a different point in our life, which is why we thought we should do this spinoff,” says Nikki. “Brie wants to have babies. I went through a serious neck injury. Bryan was retiring. All this stuff was happening, and we didn’t know where our lives were going to go.”
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Brie Bella Says ”Pregnancy Has Kicked My Butt” (via E!)

Brie Bella Says ”Pregnancy Has Kicked My Butt” and Admits ”I’ve Had Crazy Carb Cravings!”

Brie Bella may dominate inside the wrestling ring, but she’s no match for pregnancy!

The 32-year-old Total Divas star, who is currently expecting her first child with husband Daniel Bryan, is coming clean about what it’s been like having a baby on board.

“Pregnancy has kicked my butt I will admit. I was like, ‘Whoa, I feel like I’m going through WrestleMania every day!'” Brie recently told E! News. “The nice thing is that right now I can take naps and not feel guilty. And I’ve had crazy carb cravings and I feel like it’s because I minus carbs so much. So now all I want to eat is bagels and fruit. I’m like, ‘Oh great.’ Vegetables make me want to gag and I’m a vegetarian so it’s really hard.”

Brie says one of the “weird” side effects of pregnancy has been a heightened sense of smell. “It’s weird. Pregnancy just makes your nose out here. I smell everything,” she dished during our exclusive sit down. “My poor husband. The other day I was just like, ‘You smell like garlic.’ He’s like, ‘I didn’t have garlic.'”

She added, “Other than that I love being pregnant.”

“When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional,” Brie told E! News. “I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It’s such a special feeling! My mini me!”
Season 6 of Total Divas premieres Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m., only on E! to Canadian edition? YES! ?