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December 5 Smackdown Results

Naomi def. Brie Bella

With Divas Champion Nikki Bella in her sister’s corner and AJ Lee sitting on commentary, tensions were running high at ringside for Naomi’s match against Brie Bella

Just when it seemed like the Divas Champion was going to knock Naomi from the top rope, AJ pulled her rival down from the ring apron, allowing the former Funkadactyl to roll up Brie Bella for the win.

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AJ Lee & Naomi vs. The Bella Twins – WWE App Vote Match: Raw, December 1, 2014


AJ Lee & Naomi def. The Bella Twins

Looks like AJ Lee has at least one ally in the locker room, despite The Bella Twins’ insistence to the contrary. The WWE Universe took to the WWE App to select a partner for the former Divas Champion in her match against the “Total Divas” stars, and their selection — Naomi — proved to be clutch and then some for The Black Widow. Not only that, but Naomi’s timely neutralization of Brie Bella also left Divas Champion Nikki vulnerable to a Black Widow from AJ that forced a submission victory. Might a title rematch be on the horizon?

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Nov 28th Smackdown Results

Nikki Bella def. Emma

Five days after capturing the Divas Title from AJ Lee at Survivor Series, Nikki Bella overcame Emma with the Rack Attack. The titleholder then fired back at AJ’s controversial comments from Raw, saying that her adversary will always just be that “pathetic girl from New Jersey.” The dig brought AJ charging to the ring to attack Brie as the Divas Champion made her escape.

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November 24th Raw Results

AJ Lee defeated Brie Bella

Prior to her match with Brie Bella, AJ Lee insulted both Nikki and her opponent, as she was extremely angry over being tricked out of the Divas Championship at Survivor Series. But when Nikki interfered, Brie was able to reign supreme. Despite the loss, AJ made it clear that the Bella Twins aren’t half the woman she is.

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Brie Bella Attends An Anti-Bullying Rally



Bella said that even during her on-screen feud with McMahon, “I learned so much. We have such a great friendship and took that to the ring,” noting it is the same for her current on-screen rivalry with her sister Nikki. “We have taken the storyline and made it bigger than life because of how close we are.”

Bella added the greatest thing about the reality show is that it allows everyone to see the differences between the twin sisters. “The most beautiful thing we’ve been able to share is how we are the sun and the moon … we are so different, like night and day. We’ve taught each other so much. That’s the beauty of everyone being different … start loving each other. Celebrate each others’ differences.”

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November 10th Raw Results

Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Brie Bella

Nikki Bella’s deviousness is growing by the week; having used her subservient sister to provoke AJ Lee into a fight last week, she further set about weakening the Divas Champion by instructing Brie Bella to do everything to AJ she wanted to do to Nikki. The strategy brought out the grittiest performance Brie’s put on in months, though it wasn’t enough to block a fateful Black Widow that gave AJ the win. Nikki got the last word anyway, dropping AJ with a Rack Attack after the match and posing with the – potentially her – Divas Title.

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