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Royal Rumble Results

The Bella Twins def. Paige & Natalya

PHILADELPHIA – At the sold-out Royal Rumble, in a battle of “Total Divas” stars, Nikki & Brie Bella scored a dominant victory over Paige & Natalya.

The action was intense from the opening bell, with the unlikely duo of Paige & Natalya working extremely well together. However, when the Divas Champion Nikki Bella and her equally beautiful twin sister Brie finally cut the ring in half, the Bellas finally seized the advantage.

Yet no matter what was thrown at Natalya, The Queen of Harts refused to give in. And, after single-handedly repelling a double assault, it looked as if Nattie might finally get to The Diva of Tomorrow’s waiting hand and make the much needed tag. Before she could, though, Brie sneaked over and yanked Paige off the apron. This opened the door for Nikki to hit a vicious forearm to the jaw of her third-generation opponent and pick up the three-count for a huge pay-per-view victory.

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Jan 19th Raw Results + Digitals



Despite a few disagreements here and there, it seems like Natalya & Paige might have something going for them as a duo. The Diva of Tomorrow and The Queen of Harts knocked off yet another tandem of the Divas division’s finest in the form of Summer Rae and Alicia Fox. They did this in almost perfect sync, it must be added, with Natalya superkicking Alicia into the P.T.O. while The Bella Twins watched with disdain from ringside. Perhaps the upcoming Divas Tag Team Match at the Royal Rumble will help settle this complicated score.

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Nikki Injured At House Show

Nikki apparently injured her left hamstring at a WWE house show on Saturday night.  She didn’t wrestle on Sunday night, but stood at ringside while Brie took her place. She had her leg bandaged. Hopefully this isn’t too serious!

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‘Total Divas’ Season 3, Episode 13 recap

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There is some silliness, some seriousness and some sultriness on this week’s episode of E!’s “Total Divas.” We’ll begin, as ever, with the fun stuff: Nikki Bella and John Cena’s competitive genes come to the forefront when a playful argument leads to a truly absurd competition between the two consisting of go-kart racing, mini golf and the like. Not only does Cena wipe the floor with his overwhelmed S.O., but the fratty finale that completes his clean sweep frustrates Nikki so much that she straight-up douses him with a beverage, and then has to be sweet-talked down to earth.

The seriousness next, and it is, in fact, very serious for Eva Marie when she discovers one of her silicone implants is leaking into her bloodstream. With her career picking up steam, Eva decides to ignore doctor’s orders and tough it out in the ring to keep her momentum running. As a result, Jonathan takes matters into his hands and alerts WWE officials to her condition. It’s only a heart-to-heart from The Bellas that convinces Eva to bite the proverbial bullet and have the procedure that will shelve her for months but ensure her continued health and eventual return to form.

As for the last bit? Natalya and Paige are in the midst of a series of matches and Paige, in an effort to rile up both the crowd and her opponent, has been resorting to an unusually sultry form of mind games. Natalya isn’t exactly comfortable with the tactic, which borders on pure PDA, but Paige defies her request to dial back and instead takes it one step further in their rematch by licking the entire side of Nattie’s face. All of this seems destined for a backstage brawl between the two Divas until Paige explains that the match — and Natalya herself — are that much more interesting to watch when The Queen of Harts is really riled up. Nattie, moved to compromise, agrees to a happy medium of harassment in all future contests. Everybody wins.

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January 15th Smackdown Results

Natalya def. Nikki Bella

The Bella Twins got a taste of their own medicine when Brie Bella’s attempt to distract Natalya on the ring apron backfired. As The Bella Twin held the attention of The Queen of Harts and the referee, Paige smacked a fallen Nikki Bella. The strike allowed Natalya to lock in the Sharpshooter, forcing the Divas Champion to tap out in the non-title match.

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