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Total Divas Recap

You might think time with Birdie Joe Danielson would kick Nikki Bella’s baby fever into overdrive — but you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s Rusev who goes into full papa-bear mode when he and Nikki babysit, while Brie and Daniel Bryan train Lana for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Together, he and Nikki team up to plan a big Bulgarian birthday for the little one, despite Brie and Bryan’s objections—and missing Birdie’s birthday by a month. The party is still a blast, and the whole situation leads Rusev to pester Lana once again about having a baby, though he eventually accepts she still has goals to achieve and isn’t ready yet to put her life on hold for a child. Elsewhere, Paige, curious if there was ever a life outside of the ring for her, tries her hand at day jobs alongside Nia Jax. The friends turn things into a competition, just to keep it interesting, and Nia wins in the end, 2-1. Paige accepts defeat by admitting she’s not cut out for a regular gig, but that’s all right. She’s pretty good at her day job.


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The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan to appear on “You Kiddin’ Me?!”
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The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan to appear on “You Kiddin’ Me?!”

Prepare for double the laughs when The Bella Twins and Daniel Bryan appear on this week’s episode of the Facebook Watch prank series, “You Kiddin’ Me?!”

Executive produced by Kim Kardashian West, the comedy series, which drops every Saturday, captures celebrities being pranked by their families. This week’s episode features a hilarious appearance by The Bellas and Bryan.

Check out a preview of their hysterical prank below.

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Nikki Bella Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Nikki Bella is known for stepping up in style, and her sneaker game is a big part of that!

The Fearless Superstar stopped by the popular Sneaker Shopping with Complex series to discuss her favorite kicks, what she works out in and how she trail blazed a new footwear wave in WWE.


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Evolution Results

Ronda Rousey emerged from the main event of WWE’s first-ever all-women’s pay-per-view with a swollen face, a scratch on her cheek and a title defense she could be proud of, having withstood every single thing Nikki Bella threw at her. And make no mistake: Nikki Bella threw quite a bit at her.

It was truly vintage Nikki in the final match of WWE Evolution. The pushups, the sequined snapback, especially the interference from her sister Brie. For a “Do Nothing Bella,” the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history certainly did a lot in her longshot bid for the Raw Women’s Championship, and for a while, it seemed like she did enough.


Thanks in large part to Brie’s constant interference, Nikki halted Ronda’s momentum each time The Baddest Woman on the Planet began to pull away, and as the match progressed, the idea of Nikki Bella handing Ronda Rousey her first WWE lost didn’t just seem possible, but probable. Nikki dedicating the match to Rousey’s mother, AnnMaria De Mars, only further salted the champion’s wounds, as The Fearless One continued an offensive press that brought her to the brink of winning the title. Continue reading Evolution Results