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Total Divas Season 7 Finale – Recap, Photos, Video

Nikki Bella is training for “Dancing with the Stars” on top of her other business obligations and still has to plan her wedding. Of all those priorities, it’s the wedding that ends up getting shuffled to the side, as Brie keeps trying to set aside some time for dress shopping only to be told Nikki is too busy preparing for her “Dancing” debut. Brie ends up bringing the wedding to her sister, surprising her with a mini-dress-fitting in her hotel room to save her some of the stress. Not only does Nikki finally take the first step toward the altar, her enthusiasm for getting married is reawakened in one swoop.

Of course, the first tease at Total Bellas Season 3 makes it seem that Nikki and John Cena’s wedded-to-be bliss might not be long for this world. But that’s drama for another day … or this spring when Total Bellas returns to E!.

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Nikki Bella Comments On The Royal Rumble

Honored, Speechless, Grateful, Emotional, Empowered, and Inspired are just a few of the emotions I am feeling after being apart of the FIRST EVER Women’s Royal Rumble. I can never top this moment in my career, sharing the WWE ring with so many amazing women athletes. @wwe_asuka you are a true champ and hands done one of the best, such an honor to work with you (I’ll definitely be staying away from any arm bars…forever lol) @sashabankswwe you are a true badass and GOAT, you constantly and consistently blow my mind, everyone 54:46 is the new time to beat! Omgoodness let’s recognize how amazing that is!! She never stopped! And @itsmebayley hitting that double stunner! What! I was hoping for a hug…lol @trishstratuscom & Lita @machetegirl!! Need I say more! Never missed a beat and are true legends! Maybe Bellas vs Besties one day??😳🙌🏽 That Trish & @themickiejames moment! So epic! We want more! @niajaxwwe & @thebethphoenix are inspirations to us women that anything men can do we can do better! Beth one more match?!🙏🏽My SmackDown girls @natbynature @trinity_fatu @carmellawwe @beckylynchwwe @saronasnukawwe @thelanawwe still holding the fort down for the blue team! These girls make the blue side worth watching! (Even over the boys, sorry boys!) And how about the amazing women of The Riot Squad & Absolution! They are just rockstars & headed on the path to be huge stars! And let’s not forget @ashasebera_danabrooke! That strength! & the women that came back, I have chills as I write all of this & even more for this one, my sister @thebriebella’s smile when she came out & the WWE Universe went insane, those are moments we hold on to forever & moments we get to share with our children, thank you Philly for that💛(Fly Eagles Fly!) Without amazing women surprises like @mimicalacool @thebarbieblank @jackiemooretx #mollyholly @wwe_embermoon @vickielynnguerrero @torriewilson and @kairisane_wwe the Women’s Royal Rumble wouldn’t be as epic, bad ass or entertaining. And lastly @thefoxxyone so sorry about your injury, we love you! & To our @realpaigewwe you will FOREVER be apart of this division & will always be a main component in helping women make history!

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Royal Rumble Photos

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The Women’s Revolution Comes To BOOM! In WWE #14

On February 21, 2018, a new issue of WWE comics will be released and will feature The Women’s Revolution! While it will focus on the story of The Four Horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks), it will also feature other Superstars including the Bellas!

Pre-order here:
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Total Divas Season 7 Episode 11 – Photos, Video, Recap

It’s season finale time for E!’s Total Divas, and Part One of the Season 7 capper gets underway with a wacky RV trip that comes about via the strangest of circumstances: Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are moving to their new house in Washington, but Bryan has vertigo and can’t fly or drive long distances, and Brie is tied to Birdie’s feeding schedule every two hours. So, Natalya arranges a carpool with a couple of her family friends with an RV. The ladies are spunky and fun, but just out-there enough that Brie and Bryan decide it isn’t for them, and they’d rather just suck it up and fly from Sacramento, Calif., to Washington halfway through the road trip. All’s well that ends well when Brie, Bryan and Birdie safely make it to their new home to unpack and organize.


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Total Divas Season 7 Episode 10 – Photos, Video, Recap

You may remember that also around this time last year, Nikki Bella fielded an offer from “Dancing with the Stars” that she chose to pass up in favor of returning to the ring. Well, what goes around has come back around, and The Fearless One is getting another bite at the apple. The problem is, she and Brie have wiped their schedules clean to focus on Belle Radici and Birdiebee, and Nikki taking a sabbatical to compete on the show puts most of the burden on Brie’s shoulders. The new mom is stressed, but Daniel Bryan convinces her that Nikki can’t pass up such an opportunity, so Brie agrees to handle the business end of Bellaworld by herself while Nikki focuses on “Dancing with the Stars.” By way of a peace offering, Brie even gives Nikki the perfect gift: A pair of ballroom dancing shoes.


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RAW 25 With The Bella Twins

This past Monday, Raw celebrating 25 years on air. The Bellas were part of a segment that paid tribute to the trailblazing women wrestlers of Raw.

Raw 25 Photos || Raw 25 Behind The Scenes

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Nikki, Brie & Bryan Went To See Hamilton!

Earlier this past week, Brie, Bryan and Nikki went to see Hamilton the Musical on Broadway in New York City. If you haven’t heard of Hamilton, it’s an extremely popular musical about Alexander Hamilton, and the man who plays Thomas Jefferson, James Miglehart, is a huge wrestling fan.

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Total Divas Episode 9 Photos, Videos and recap

The Total Divas SummerSlam two-parter carries on as Maryse’s “Sex and the City” theme party approaches. Nia Jax, emboldened by The Bella Twins after a brief crisis of confidence, decides to invite her firefighter paramour from last episode to the shindig, to resounding success. She and the guy hit it off, the girls have a great time, and an impromptu fashion show that Nia organizes wows the guests. It’s not until the next day that the ladies decide to Google the guy and see what comes up. The results are surprising, to say the least, and it’s decided that Nia will not be contacting this gentleman again.

SummerSlam Week rolls on in New York City, and Nikki Bella has a full docket of appearances, despite not competing on the show. Brie Bella, on the other hand, is just tagging along with Birdie Joe and has no official role in the festivities. This apparent snub both bums her out and makes her even more despondent that WWE hasn’t asked her about a comeback yet, and Nikki has to remind Brie that she needs to be proactive and not just wait to be approached. Brie decides to speak with the higher-ups at SummerSlam, and despite a brief hiccup (Nikki gets the time of the show wrong, so they arrive late and miss most of John Cena’s match), they’re entirely receptive to the idea of Brie Mode’s return, even throwing out the idea of a stint from Royal Rumble to WrestleMania.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Open Up to Nia Jax About Their Struggles With Body Shaming on Total Divas