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Nikki Bella wins Best Actress in a Reality Series at the WIN Awards

Nikki Bella is a WINner … literally!

Nikki won the award for Best Actress in a Reality Series for her work on E!’s Total Bellas on Friday night at the Women’s Image Network Awards. The WIN Awards strive to advance a gender-balanced world and increase the value of women and girls by celebrating outstanding film and television.

Brie Bella took to Twitter to show Fearless Nikki some love after her win.

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I’m SO incredibly happy! I won the WIN Award last night for best actress in a reality series! Very tough competition and love everything all the women give in this category. It isn’t easy to open up your whole life and heart to the world but because of the incredible connection I have with all my @totalbellas viewers it makes it beyond worth it. And to be recognized for it is such an amazing feeling! Wow! Thank you all for supporting me and loving me through the good and the bad. And thank you for continuing to help @thebriebella @totalbellas and I become a success. Couldn’t have done it without our Bella Army! And @eentertainment viewers! As well as our crew @bunimmurray who is truly our family as well. So many amazing, hard working souls that make @totalbellas 💛💛💛💛 And can’t forget my home @wwe and the road that they and we all keep paving for women. It truly is beautiful. And lastly thank you @thewinawards such an honor to be nominated, to present and to share a room with such incredibly strong and inspiring women that have broken so many barriers in Hollywood. Every time I leave this event I feel stronger and damn proud to be a woman! Ok need to pop some bottles of @belleradici and celebrate! 🍷🥂🍾 PS thank you @joylynnjohnson for being my date! And supporting us Female WWE Superstars constantly! We love you! #winawards #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #totalbellas #fearlessnikki #reality #hollywood #bellaarmy #wwe

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Total Bellas, Season 4 Episode 5

Attempting a comeback is all well and good, but as Brie Bella finds out this week on E!’s Total Bellas it’s best to know your limits. Competing across Raw and SmackDown LIVE and juggling her business commitments has begun to take its toll on Brie, who finds her time with her daughter severely curtailed as well. Daniel Bryan warns Brie she’s taking on too much, so she sheds a few appearances in the hopes of lightening her load (much to the chagrin of Nikki, who’s caught off guard by her sister’s sudden change of plans). It helps, but it isn’t enough: All her stress finally catches up to her, and when her in-ring efforts continue to suffer, it shakes Brie to her core.


In happier news, The Bellas are prepping for a big Birdiebee fashion show and two new faces are going to be walking the runway: Lauren and Maya. Lauren, who’s just given birth to her second daughter, is a little hesitant but gathers herself quickly, while a question rises down the stretch as to whether 16-year-old Maya is too young to deal with the pressure of a show just yet. Nikki gives her the opportunity to back out, but her young stepsister opts to push through anyway, with impressive results. Turns out, the kid’s a natural.

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Total Bellas Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

When we last left Total Bellas, Nikki had just caught up with her old “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Artem, for a lunch date that only lasts long enough for them to tell each other they’re single. Afterward, they part ways, at least until Nikki gets the idea to have Artem train her and her mother for a dance routine to knock an item off Kathy’s bucket list.

Brie, ever image-conscious, is concerned, as she knows Nikki’s breakup has her under more scrutiny than usual and spending time with Artem is bound to catch the attention of the tabloids. But thanks to a “DWTS” tour, Artem ends up unable to help with the routine and the issue is solved for them. Instead, he calls in a replacement instructor who helps choreograph an excellent piece, much to the delight of Big Johnny in the audience.

While Nikki’s week is a success, Brie continues to struggle with balancing a busy career and motherhood, leading to a rocky start for her in-ring comeback. Nikki, who’s been training with Ronda Rousey to familiarize herself with the new class of female Superstars, reassures her twin and encourages her to continue training, but for a working mother with a busy schedule, that’s easier said than done.