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Total Bellas Season Four Premiere

Welcome to Total Bellas Season 4, complete with a world of opportunities available for the newly-single Nikki Bella, who faces a unique challenge this year in that isn’t really sure what she wants to do but feels like she has to do something after the trying events of last season. After one final bit of housekeeping — an emotional trip to Tampa where she moves out the last of her belongings — she comes up with the first step of a plan: Move to Los Angeles.


Brie Bella, who thinks Nikki’s just trying to relive her 20s and run away from the hard work of piecing her life back together, isn’t thrilled. Nor is Daniel Bryan, who’s feeling a little underappreciated after several instances of packing his family up and moving to Nikki’s side each time she’s in a rut. Plus, he’s got full-blown baby fever, much to the chagrin of Brie, who’s finally gotten herself back into the shape she wants to be in and isn’t quite ready to be pregnant again. Continue reading Total Bellas Season Four Premiere

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The Newest Cast Member Of Total Bellas

Nikki revealed that Maya Laurinaitis will be joining the show as she attempts to start her career in modelling, with Nikki stating that she even wants to become a WWE Superstar one day. Maya is the daughter of John Laurinaitis, who is married to Nikki’s mom.

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The Bellas At The Jimmy V Classic

The Bellas presented a cheque for $1,200,000 to the V Foundation on behalf of WWE & Connor’s Cure.

Learn more:
The V Foundation
Connor’s Cure

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Total Divas Recap

Filmed around the last days of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, the Total Divas Season 8 Finale is both a farewell and a retrospective for the legendary Superstar and father of longtime castmember Natalya.


Anvil appears early in the episode, when it’s revealed he is suffering from a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s the family has chosen withhold so he can enjoy his final years without worrying about what’s happening. He’s starting to show some signs of decline, which is causing the Neidharts some stress (one bright spot comes when Natalya tests negative for the genetic marker), but he passes suddenly before the illness can progress further. The loss is abrupt and devastating, but Natalya retains a measure of peace knowing her father was still himself at the end. The funeral is a perfectly-organized celebration of his life, at the end of which Natalya is encouraged by her sister to compete at SummerSlam in his memory — a charge she ultimately accepts, wearing his jacket to the ring.

Elsewhere, Naomi and Jimmy Uso have their biggest fight yet after her wedding ring is stolen and Jimmy accuses her of being overly careless, if not outright negligent, of a symbol of their relationship. So, to make it up to him, they replace the ring with something that can’t be stolen: Matching tattoos.

Also, Money in the Bank is coming up and the Total Divas’ various pursuits this season all come to a head. Lana showcases her improvement in the ring; Nia Jax holds her own against Ronda Rousey and, pointedly, The Bella Twins watch from home and begin to realize they miss the ring more than they were initially willing to admit. Brie is even nurturing the idea of a proper comeback … but that’s a story for Total Bellas Season 4 on E! in January.

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The Bella Twins Dazzled At The Peoples Choice Awards

Brie Bella and Cathy Kelley make E!’s Best Dressed List at People’s Choice Awards

E!’s People’s Choice Awards saw the biggest names in entertainment walk the red carpet, and two of WWE’s own turned more heads than most.

WWE’s Brie Bella and Cathy Kelley made E!’s Best Dressed List, joining the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen and more.

Unfortunately, Nikki didn’t win any of the awards she was nominated for.

WWE Superstars make their presence felt at E!’s People’s Choice Awards