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Nikki Bella Reveals She Tried To Get Total Divas‘ Name Changed

Wrestling Inc reports that during an appearance at the ACE Comic Con, Nikki Bella revealed she tried to get the title of Total Divas changed after WWE dropped the term ‘diva’. Bella is a producer for the show. Here are highlights:

On turning on Ronda Rousey: “I guess that was the only way to get my match. I had to turn on her, she’s the champ. I’ve been here for 12 years, she hasn’t, so I have to teach her a lesson. … I need to have a reign that [goes beyond] the Divas Championship, so I’m not always called a diva and then one day I can actually be called a Raw Women’s Champion. I got red in my eyes, I’m looking for that championship.”

On trying to change the name of Total Divas: “Being an Executive Producer of Total Divas, we’ve had so many discussions about changing the name of the show. Unfortunately, it’s on network TV and you can’t just change the name one day. They have felt people will still be connected with it — even though it’s called Total Divas — I feel the opposite. I feel there’s a huge disconnect because we’ve made that name so bad.”

On the Divas title: “Believe me, us girls in the past, I remember when they brought out the ‘Butterfly Championship’. We were like ‘oh!’ we weren’t expecting it. It’s totally cute, but that wasn’t what the women were craving, they were craving what [the title] is now.”

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Nikki Bella Would Love To Wrestle AJ Lee

“I was actually hoping (AJ Lee) was going to be at Evolution. She was a huge part of the Women’s division and if she came back, I would totally love to [wrestle her]. We had good chemistry. I really loved when Paige and AJ and Brie and I had a really good story going for a long time. I felt like that really helped with the evolution, where it’s at today. So, it would be so fun.”

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Daniel Bryan speaks out on cyberbullying of Brie Bella

 Daniel Bryan took to Twitter to support Brie. because of the backlash she’s been facing since she accidentally injured Liv Morgan:

“I am proud of how strong my wife is. After accidentally injuring Liv Morgan last week, the first time Bri’s ever hurt another performer, she’s been subject to a constant barrage of social media attacks. Almost every wrestler has accidentally hurt someone but rarely do you see this kind of hate when it happens.

For example, I concussed Randy Orton in 2012 after hitting him with what was supposed to be a chair to the back. Unfortunately part of the side hit him in the back of the head, and he was forced to miss a PPV. In 2009 in our last match against each other, I concussed Nigel McGuinness after doing a dive into him in the crowd, where his head hit the floor.

And there are others.

As for the Yes kicks, two weeks ago I accidentally kicked Andrade directly in the head due to a miscommunication on my part. I feel fortunate that he was ok, because there are few feelings worse than hurting someone.

Despite all of that, never did I receive the backlash Bri did this week. With all the negative things said about my wife, nobody was harder on her than she was on herself.

Thank you to the many people who reached out to support her, both publicly and privately. We all wish Liv Morgan a speedy recovery. #EndCyberbullying

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Brie Bella addresses Liv Morgan’s injury during Six-Woman Tag Team Match

After incapacitating Liv Morgan with a kick to the face during Raw’s Six-Woman Tag Team Match pitting The Bella Twins & Natalya against The Riott Squad, Brie Bella took to Twitter to express remorse that she took her foe out of the match the way she did, adding that her thoughts are with Liv despite being at odds in recent weeks.

“Every match on #Raw is an opportunity for us to entertain our fans,” Brie wrote. “Our intentions as @WWE Superstars is to win the match, never injure our opponents. Thinking about @YaOnlyLivvOnce tonight.”

The Bella Twins are set to team with Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey against The Riott Squad at WWE Super Show-Down on Saturday, Oct. 6, in Melbourne, Australia.

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Nikki Bella Makes It To The Final 5 In The “People’s Choice Awards”

E! on Monday revealed the top five finalists in each category of the newly minted E! People’s Choice Awards (airing Sunday, November 11 at 9/8c).

Nikki Bella, Total Bellas (E!)
Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (MTV)
Joanna Gaines, Fixer Upper (HGTV)
Khloe Kardashian, Keeping Up With the Kardashians (E!)
Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye (Netflix)

Nikki Bella, Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Brynn Cartelli, The Voice (NBC)
Eva Igo, World of Dance (NBC)
Cody Nickson, The Amazing Race (CBS)
Maddie Poppe, American Idol (ABC)

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