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Your Longest Reigning Divas Champion!

I made history! Your Longest Reigning Divas Champion in WWE History! Words can't even describe how I feel right now! I am so beyond blessed and honored! Tonight goes out to my Pop Pop. He taught me so much. He taught me to always be a hard worker, be respectable and kind to others, put God first and family second, and always stay humble. He always told me he was proud of me, I'll never forget that. He lead by example. I wish I could call him right now and tell him about this moment but instead I'll look above me and pray and know he was watching and is listening. Never give up on your dreams because if you have heart and passion they will come true! Pop Pop I can just imagine your smile right now and the big south Philly hug I would have gotten! Thank you for teaching me to be a strong, hard working, independent woman! I love you so much, always and forever! As well as my #BellaArmy I would be nothing without you all! You created Nikki Bella, Team Bella and the Divas Revolution! None of this wouldn't exist without your voices! Thank you! And to my coaches from the beginning who taught me so much at FCW Steve Keirn, Dr Tom Prichard, and Billy Kidman! Thank you! And thank you to my Love @johncena for teaching me so much and my sister @thebriebella for always be being my side! Love you all! Omgoodness! Tears and chills! Trying to take all this in right now!

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ChicagoNow Interview With Nikki Bella


WWE Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella has shown that she is fit to represent the women in wrestling and that effort has included a 279 day title reign. However with the recent NXT roster surge, this weekend Nikki’s match at SummerSlam is a unique one. Team Bella will take on both Team B.A.D. and Team PCB.

Nikki took some time to talk with me regarding her upcoming match, her title reign, and her boyfriend John Cena.

The Diva’s Championship has always been looked at as a belt that can carry the diva holding it. What are your thoughts on your title reign that is close to becoming the longest in the WWE?

I think it has gone amazing. I think I have done a lot of great stories. It all started with me turning on my sister and that whole story with Stephanie McMahon. It wasn’t only a great story for the WWE but for woman in our industry. The story started with Daniel Bryan and it was so real and felt so captured by it. Continue reading ChicagoNow Interview With Nikki Bella

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Brie & Nikki Featured on

The Bellas and Total Divas were recently featured on Glamour.con Fashion:


Twins Brie and Nikki Bella are a big focus on the show, and both ladies have completely different styles. Brie’s into more boho looks, while Nikki’s super glam (there was an entire storyline that surrounded her craving Louboutin‘s special collaboration with Louis Vuitton, natch). As shown by the red carpet styles both chose for this summer’s ESPYs, Brie’s also more willing to play around with fashion. She pushed boundaries in trousers and a top with a cascading back, while Nikki went with a classically sexy black dress.

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Bryan Talks About The Divas At Wrestlemania

Brie’s husband Bryan was interviewed by the UK Mirror and mentioned Brie at Wrestlemania:

The Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar and just taking all the heart out of the crowd! There were also little things that were important in the day to me. Brie had to go out right after that. It was important to me, Brie’s experience at WrestleMania too. We were getting married five days later! So she has to go out with all the other Divas right after The Undertaker’s streak has ended. So I was watching that and being very concerned for her and them, because that’s a very tough position to be in.

It’s a really good interview with Bryan and I’d suggest you check it out and also get Bryan’s book!

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Mick Foley Blogs About Brie Bella’s Support of NXT Divas Revolution

Mick Foley wrote a blog yesterday on Facebook, praising Brie for helping to bring about change in the women’s division in WWE:

Brie Bella is the unsung hero of the #‎Womens Wrestling‬ revolution. As anyone who follows me knows, I have been a HUGE proponent of the ‪NXT‬ women – and firmly believe that what we saw last week on Monday Night WWE Raw – with the arrival of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte was just a harbinger of great things to come for women in #‎WWE‬.

Read the rest on his blog.