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Nikki Bella Says Her Future Has ‘a Lot of Sparkle and Shine’ Following John Cena Split

Nikki Bella is looking forward to all that life has to offer as she moves on to the next chapter of her life.

The Total Bellas star and WWE diva spoke with ET’s Kristen Gill at this year’s CurvyCon during New York Fashion Week, and said that the future holds “hopefully a lot of sparkle and shine,” two months after calling off her engagement to John Cena for a second time.

“I’m really enjoying being an entrepreneur [and] I’m very excited for my comeback at WWE,” Bella shared. “I just have this goal in my head of what I want to conquer as an independent woman and I’m going to get there. And I can’t wait to be on the cover of Forbes, so look out!” Continue reading Nikki Bella Says Her Future Has ‘a Lot of Sparkle and Shine’ Following John Cena Split

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Nikki Bella on her journey from Hooters waitress to WWE Superstar (Yahoo Lifestyle)

Twelve years ago, Nikki Bella and her identical twin sister, Brie, were working as waitresses at Hooters in their home state of California. Fast-forward to 2018 and the Bella Twins, as they’re commonly known, are WWE Superstars, reality TV favorites, and brands in and of themselves — with their own clothing line and wine label. It’s been a “12-year journey, which is crazy,” Bella tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

With a spotlight now seemingly perpetually fixed on her life, Bella understands the power she yields, not just as a businesswoman but as a role model. The reason she understands that so well is because as a young girl, it was her role model, Jennifer Lopez, who helped Bella to find her own confidence. “She literally changed my life,” Bella says.

In 1996, Lopez appeared on the cover of the very first issue of Latina magazine. “I remember her talking about her curves and being a Latina, and I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I go through that!’” Bella says. “I was going through puberty, and being like, ‘Why am I getting all these curves?’ She started to make me love it.”

“I remember being confident at a very young age, like, ‘Yeah this is what I’ve got,’” Bella adds. “And it was literally J.Lo that gave that to me.” Continue reading Nikki Bella on her journey from Hooters waitress to WWE Superstar (Yahoo Lifestyle)

New York Post Interview
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New York Post Interview

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Brie Bella Wants One More Run, With Nikki By Her Side

Brie recently spoke to TVINsider:

Bella can see the genuine joy in the eyes of Bryan when he enters an arena to fan adulation. It’s something the former diva’s champion got a taste of working the historic Royal Rumble. She wants more than a taste — she wants another run.

“My husband really wants us to get pregnant again. I tell him that in my heart I just really want to come back to have a main story,” Bella said.

“Whether it’s a month long or two months, six months. I would love that. I think about how much work one kid is. Bringing another in, I can’t imagine. My sister and I are really pushing hard. We would both love to, especially since the last couple of years it was Nikki was there or I was there. The Bella Twins really haven’t had a run since the ‘Divas Revolution.’

“There are great teams like the IIconics. We would love to go against them. Even if I had a one-off, I’d love to wrestle Asuka, Alexa Bliss. There are so many girls I would wrestle.

“Even with the Mixed Match Challenge. I was like, ‘Bryan, we should do it if it came back. Wouldn’t it be amazing?’ I’m hoping. I told him to give me until next summer. Let me see if I can do something before then. If the boss doesn’t want us back by next summer, we can start trying for babies.”

Read the entire interview here.

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