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Bustle: The Bella Twins Are Working On Their Confidence Every Day… Just Like You

The Bella Twins Are Working On Their Confidence Every Day… Just Like You

America’s favorite set of twins (aka Nikki and Brie Bella) may be WWE Superstars (and total badasses, may I add), but when it comes down to it, they *really* are just like us. Bustle sat down with The Bella Twins to chat about all things confidence, self care, and hard work (not to mention, some great advice on staying motivated to achieve your dreams, but more on that later). Continue reading Bustle: The Bella Twins Are Working On Their Confidence Every Day… Just Like You

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New York Post Interview with Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella: Evolution is about more than beating Ronda Rousey
Nikki Bella knows exactly how she would end Evolution — her standing victorious over Ronda Rousey with the Raw women’s title in hand. The champagne is on ice.

“I will be popping so many bottles. I’ll be like the Dodgers heading to the World Series backstage. I will be very happy and it would be a massive accomplishment,” Bella said in a phone interview when asked what a victory on WWE’s first all-women’s pay-per-view would mean for her career.

“I almost feel spoiled thinking about it and I have chills all over my body, like OK, Evolution main event. That’s historic, two historic things. I’ve never been in the main event of a pay-per-view, I beat [undefeated] Ronda Rousey, extremely historic, and then I become the Raw women’s champion. For me, it means more than you can imagine.”
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Metro US Interview With Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella recently spoke with on a wide variety of topics to help promote WWE Evolution this Sunday:

On this Sunday being the best performance of her career:

“A fan recently tallied it up. I think I’ve competed in well over 600 matches. I think she’s had like 24 matches in WWE. So that speaks for itself. This Sunday it’s going to be the best performance of my career, for sure. I’ll have my sister Brie in my corner, I have a new move set, and the Bellas always have a few tricks up their sleeves.”

On the characteristics needed to succeed in WWE:

“You have to blend it all together,. It’s charisma, it’s likeability. You have to bring something different to the table. The minute a woman walks out of that curtain it’s about how much she connects with that crowd. Does she get their attention? How well does she speak on the mic? It’s all about confidence, and I only started to get better when I just started being me.”