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Nikki Bella on her Mexican heritage, her future as an aunt to Brie’s child and her wrestling career


When she was searching for a role model during her formative teenage years, Stephanie Nicole Garcia found one in a dynamically talented Latina: Jennifer Lopez.

As she considered the path she wanted her future to take, Garcia, who is now best known as WWE superstar Nikki Bella, her choice of inspiration led her directly toward her present success. But it didn’t come easily; at times she felt she didn’t fit in — in a number of ways. Continue reading Interview With Nikki Bella

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Road to the Rumble: Remember the Alamodome, Nikki Bella interview

With the Royal Rumble about a week away, San Antonio is looking forward to the official kickoff of the Road to Wrestlemania. While Nikki Bella doesn’t have a match officially set for January 29 at the Alamodome, she talked to KENS 5 about her rodeo background, inspiration from the Bella Army, and the brand split helping the women’s revolution.

As a Texan and a San Antonian getting ready for the rodeo coming in February, I have to start with an odd question. You’re a versatile athlete, and so versatile that you told a story on a recent episode of Total Divas that you beat your sister Brie Bella in a Mutton Bustin’ competition when you were a kid. Is that true?

You know what? That is correct, yes. The small town I grew up in, where my family’s from, is called Brawley, California. What’s cool is we have a big rodeo every year called Cattle Call, and it’s an actual qualifier for the NFR (National Finals Rodeo). They also have a thing called Mutton Bustin’ for the kids and my sister and I did it when we were in second grade. And I won!

 I beat all the boys, I beat my sister, and I got this insane, big trophy. I couldn’t even carry it out of the pen. I still live that one up. I rode the wild lamb the longest. It was so amazing. Ha ha! I’m a country girl at heart!

Continue reading Road to the Rumble: Remember the Alamodome, Nikki Bella interview

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Nikki and Brie Bella Take the E!Q in 42 Together and It’s Double the Sassy, Sexy Fun

Spoiler alert: The Bella twins think alike more often than not. They also Google together.

It was only logical that Nikki Bella and sister Brie Bella became the first duo to take the E!Q in 42, the Total Divas stars making for double the fun while answering our rapid-fire questions.

And even when they weren’t answering in unison (complete with the same hand gestures and hair flips), the ladies were quick to share a laugh when discussing their differences.

Such as Brie’s preference for Prince William, despite Nikki’s assertion that “Harry’s way more fun.”

Funny enough, when Nikki said that regular old cardio was her favorite way to work up a sweat, Brie said cheekily, “I thought you were going to say something else.”

“Making babies,” Nikki said in sing-song fashion as the two dissolved into giggles.

So we never did hear exactly what Brie’s favorite sweaty activity was—though it very well could’ve been making babies, considering she’s now expecting her first one with husband Daniel Bryan.

Either way, just like in the ring, everything’s better with two Bellas involved, E!Qs included.

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“Reveal” Interview With Brie Bella

Pregnant Total Divas star Brie Bella has been toying with unusual baby names, exclusively telling Reveal she could be tempted to name her little girl “Branch” or “Basil”.

Very Gwyneth Paltrow, right?!

While she’s not so certain on her unborn daughter’s moniker just yet, Brie is pretty sure she and husband Bryan Danielson (also known as Daniel Bryan) will settle on a name beginning with ‘B’ – after all, she explained it is tradition.

Brie revealed she is expecting a little girl on Instagram and confirming the sex of her baby to us, the WWE wrestler said: “I’m having a little girl! I’m so excited! My husband comes from a family where everybody has a name that begins with the letter ‘B’ and he’s asked if we could have all Bs, because I start with a B and he does.”
Continue reading “Reveal” Interview With Brie Bella

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Scottish Daily Record Interview

WWE superstar Nikki Bella on putting on a show for her Scottish fans and being a role model for young girls

SHE is one of the most glamorous tough girls in the world.

But WWE superstar Nikki Bella is hoping for some special support from Scottish fans when she enters the ring at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow this week.

It will be the first time she’s been to Scotland without her twin sister and tag team mate Brie, who will be stuck at home as she is expecting her first child with fellow wrestling star husband Daniel Bryan.

As the blockbuster Bella twins, the California sisters are among the biggest sports and reality stars around – their TV show is second only to the Kardashians in the reality stakes and the glamour girls are also champion grapplers with a succession of titles.

Nikki is flying the flag for her family this week as the wrestling world 
comes to Scotland for a double header, which sees the Raw brand taking 
over the Hydro tonight, followed by a prestigious TV Smackdown event in Glasgow tomorrow night.

And she’s looking forward 
to finally getting her own Highland dress.

Nikki said: “I’d love to get a proper kilt. I think I’m definitely getting one at Smackdown Live on Tuesday, so I’m very excited to put one on and get my little Bella booty shaking.

“I’ve wrestled here before and it’s always an amazing crowd – we love our WWE fans and the Bella army is strong in Scotland, so I’m really excited to get back in action in front of them.

“It’s been truly amazing how much I do miss Brie by my side but it’s kind of nice to shine as an indiviudal.

“I have always been in the tag team with Brie, and I love that, but I’ve also been enjoying being on my own.

“I can’t wait to be a part of my sister’s comeback and be back in the ring with her. It’s been weird – I see her only very few weeks now.”

The twins, born Brianna and Nicole Garcia, both played football as girls.

But they have been part of the WWE world for the last 10 years, becoming two of the most successful female wrestling stars, lifting Divas titles and working as a successful tag team.

In their personal lives, the 32-year-olds have also become part of the two most high-profile couples in the sport.

Nikki lives with big-name wrestler and crossover movie star John Cena, while Brie is married to former champ Daniel, with their first baby due next April.

The power pair have also scored a massive hit with their reality TV show, Total Bellas, a companion series to the E! Entertainment channel hit Total Divas.

They have millions of social media followers and are among the most famous names in the US – and have also built up a massive following in the UK.

Brie said: “As kids, Nicole and I never 
imagined the career we’d have now, or imagined we’d see the world and get to meet people all over the world. Of course we dreamed it, but never thought it would happen.

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Brie Bella Says Sister Nikki Is So Excited About Her Pregnancy

Who’s more excited about Brie Bella‘s pregnancy news than Brie? Her sister Nikki Bella!

Brie recently sat down with E! News and revealed that Nikki can’t wait to be an aunt.

“She was over the moon [when I told her],” the Total Divas dished. “I feel like she’s already shopping for the baby.”

“It was really cute to see how excited she is,” Brie continued. “It’s funny because my brother’s going to have a baby in a couple weeks and I feel like she’s already favoriting [sic] mine. Mine is already her favorite. It’s really cute because she’s my twin, I care so much about her opinions and what she thinks and she’s pretty much right on board with me. I feel like she’s going to experience motherhood with me.”

After Brie broke the pregnancy news on E! News earlier this month, Nikki was quick to gush over her future niece. “I hope it’s a girl and it’s exactly like me!” she declared.”Oh, goodness!” Brie responded at the time. “That would be my husband’s worst nightmare!”

While we can’t predict whether or not baby Bella will take after her auntie, Nikki was right in hoping for a girl.

“When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional,” Brie told E! News exclusively last week. “I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It’s such a special feeling! My mini me!”

Season 6 of Total Divas premieres Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 8 p.m., only on E!

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UK Sports: Bella Twins talks UK, Halloween, John Cena and high tea

WWE’s Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, are on British shores for the company’s latest tour of the UK.

Nikki is set to wrestle on Smackdown, which takes place in Glasgow on Tuesday, with Brie, who is expecting her first child, accompanying her husband and blue-brand General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

Sky Sports managed to grab a few words with the women, who first signed for WWE in 2007 and who have gone on to land a combined three Divas Titles, two for Nikki and one for Brie. Continue reading UK Sports: Bella Twins talks UK, Halloween, John Cena and high tea