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BirdieBee Sneak Preview In NYC!

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Coming This Fall!

There’s been a lot of interviews with Nikki since Wrestlemania. And while a lot of the talk has been about her engagement to John Cena and the return of Total Divas. But she also dropped some more information. This fall will be a VERY busy time for the ladies.

Not only does Total Bellas return for season 2, but the first line of lingerie from BirdieBee will launch, as well as the Bellas own brand of wine! And Nikki also mentioned that there will be some new Bella action figures from Mattel that she’s very excited about.

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BirdieBee is Coming This Fall!

The Bellas posted this photo last, providing an update and letting us know that their lingerie line BirdieBee will be coming this fall! I will have any updates on it here on the site.

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The Bella Twins present…Birdiebee! (Brie and Nikki’s newest exclusive project!)

Brie: “Nikki and I really want to share with you something that means a lot to us that we have been working on probably for, what, over a year and a half? Actually, two years, and that’s Birdiebee. We know you all have heard so much about Birdiebee and you’re all anxiously waiting for product to come out but something we all want you to know, why it’s been taking a little bit, is the meaning behind Birdiebee. My sister and I are really passionate about not only empowering women and uniting women but also about women feminine care. To us, it’s really important to know your body. Sometimes even at our ages — we’re in our 30s — you don’t really know your womanly body 100-percent. So the brand Birdiebee is something we want to educate women on. For us, it’s also about giving you a product that a woman can wear and not only be safe but also feel good.”

Nikki: “So, Birdiebee is a brand that represents women empowerment. It’s education on feminine health. Birdiebee right now we are building a community of very strong women. So you are going to see a video of a bunch of women we gathered, even some little girls, to talk about just being a woman, what we go through, our strengths… do you think you’re strong? It’s a question that we ask ourselves every day and your answer should be ‘yes.’ That’s what Birdiebee is here for, to make sure that answer is yes. It’s funny because when Brie and I thought of Birdiebee we were sitting on a plane and we started talking like ‘wow, we thought we knew so much about our healthcare and about us as women…”

Brie: “Pretty much about the vajayjay, let’s just be honest.”

Nikki: “We thought we knew a lot about the vajayjay, and we realized as we started Googling that we did not know that much. I’m like ‘I’m a 33-year-old woman, I’ve been through a lot, believe me, periods and all, obviously’ and there was so much that I didn’t know. So Brie and I really want Birdiebee to be this safe place where all girls and women can come to and any question you have about your feminine care you’re going to get it. About periods, about health with your vajayjay, vagina, whatever we want to call it, whatever scientific term we’re not afraid to say because it’s who we are. But we want Birdiebee to be that safe place and also to be a place where you are going to connect with women, you’re going to inspire and motivate.”

Brie: “And one thing, too, that Nikki and I want everyone to know is you don’t have to be a celebrity or someone in the public eye to have a platform. Birdiebee is going to be a place where every woman, whether you’re a stay at home mom, whether you’re a nurse, whether you’re a recruiter, or a teacher, that you will have a voice and you will be able to inspire and educate women. My sister and I traveling the world, we have met so many people who might not be in front of the camera that have inspired us so we want Birdiebee to be that platform for all of you to use your voice and really inspire not only my sister and I but everyone else globally.”

Nikki: “And, actually, a cool little fact … we can up with Birdiebee as in the birds and the bees. It’s perfect.”

Brie: “Yes, that’s how Birdiebee got its name. So the birds and the bees to educate us all on not sex but our sex, the woman sex.”

Nikki: “So we want you all to join us. Come join us on our Birdiebee community. will be coming out soon so stay tuned here on YouTube, on our channel, get all the Birdiebee updates. We will constatly be updating you on the Birdiebee progress and everything we’re doing in the Birdiebee community right here on our YouTube channel.”

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“The Rack” Podcast With The Bellas: Total Bellas, Retirement & Their Future

The Rack Radio Show Podcast Featuring Gail Kim
Hosted by Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin
Listen Live Thursday Nights at 10pm ET on &
Check Out The Interview:
Interview via Youtube:

Former multi-time WWE Diva’s Champion and stars of the E reality series “Total Divas and now ‘Total Bellas’ Nikki and Brie Bella joined “Multi-time Award Winning” The Rack Radio Show. In a nearly 15-minute interview, they talked about the upcoming Season of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella Returning to the ring, Brie Bella’s retirement and much more.

What can we expect in the upcoming season of the new show ‘Total Bellas’:

Nikki: “We’re so excited for ‘Total Bellas on October 5th at 8 pm only on E! and I have to say, some of the best things about the show is it was just a very compelling season. Don’t get me wrong, you have a lot of fun and funny moments but it’s really crazy what the camera captured within those six episodes: me going through my neck surgery, (Daniel) Bryan retiring, Brie on the road to retirement because she wants to be a mother, John (Cena) rehabbing his shoulder, our mom getting married for the third time but they say third time is a charm and our brother and his lack of passion in our mom’s company and this all happen under mine and John’s roof. And so, I have to say, just the wedding stuff and Bryan’s meltdown, there so many things contained in these six episodes that is just unreal.”

Brie: “(Bryan’s meltdown) wasn’t too bad; it’s a situation I think a lot of people can relate to because I feel like a point in all our lives we get something dear to us taken away and you never teach yourselves how to be ready for something like that, you just can’t. I feel that when people see Bryan, they’re going to just understand and root for him and go ‘Wow, I’m not alone in this.’ “

Brie Bella on Bryan’s transition from the ring to his roles in the Cruiserweight Classic and as Smackdown GM:

“Actually, it’s been great and the great thing about it is Bryan is so happy. He loves being the GM of Smackdown, he loves hosting Talking Smack on the WWE Network, he loved working with all the Cruiserweights on the CWC. He’s honestly on cloud nine and being his wife and best friend, I’m just so happy to see how great he’s doing because you don’t know how long it will take and you know the next happy day. I think the best thing for him was becoming the Smackdown GM; I just think it has done wonders for Bryan.” Continue reading “The Rack” Podcast With The Bellas: Total Bellas, Retirement & Their Future