4 Comments on “Brie Comments On Nikki And John’s Breakup And Stories About It”

  1. I hope Nikki finds she has been wishing for in love; like you did Brie. Daniel is amazing. Nikki deserves the same happiness. Ginette

  2. Johns an a—hole she’s better off without him i don’t know how she’s been with him this long if he made me sign a paper to get out of his house within 24 hours i would have told him to f— himself that she should have ended it there John you have the world right night now you are screwing it up Millie loves you maybe she can find someone who loves her now you sure dont

    1. At least she knew the way he felt about certain things when the relationship progressed. Having all that money you have to protect yourself. Do I find it a little callous? Yes but understandable. Besides you don’t know the circumstances that led to the break up.

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