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SI Interview With Nikki Bella

nikki-bella-leadEvery toned, tanned, and oiled inch of Nikki Bella is pure woman (with the exception of perhaps her chest, which the wrestler admits has been augmented by modern medicine). But mess the wrong way with the 2012 WWE Divas champion, and you’ll get something from Bella that is decidedly unfeminine: the “Nikki Rack Attack,” her signature finisher, when she hoists her opponent up onto her shoulders and then slams down to her knees, causing the fool on her back to fall to the ground, flailing and defeated.

“I can literally lift anything on my shoulders—I know I could even get my own man up on my shoulders,” Bella says. (And that, folks, is saying something, considering her “own man” is 250-pound pro wrestler and bodybuilder John Cena.) Continue reading SI Interview With Nikki Bella

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Brie Bella and Rosa Mendes’ Hottest Looks From Season Premiere of Total Divas—Get the Hot Styles!

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If there’s one thing we love besides the drama on Total Divas, it’s the fashion! And each Diva has her own particular stylefrom sporty to sexyand we’ve all found ourselves wondering how we can get their looks!

On the season premiere, Brie Bella and the newest Diva Rosa Mendes really stood out with some cute fashion choices. We channeled our inner Sherlock Holmes and hunted down four of the hottest looks from Sunday’s season premiere.

And you know what’s even better? We’ve assembled a shopping guide cheat sheet that will show you exactly where to buy looks inspired by the show for a fraction of price. Now you can be one of the Total Divas in your very own way!

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Total Divas Looks for Less

Continue reading Brie Bella and Rosa Mendes’ Hottest Looks From Season Premiere of Total Divas—Get the Hot Styles!

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‘Total Divas’ Stars Talk Season 3, Relationships And Bonding Time!

E!’s Total Divas never fails to disappoint with shock, awe and every other emotion a TV show could lead you to feel. But in sitting down with Nattie and The Bella Twins, we found out that there is so much more to come from the third season of the show!

Sitting down at NYY Steakhouse in Manhattan, the women openly discuss how not only will cast member Rosa shake things up this season but also how they all bond as a group – when they’re not fighting, of course! As with any group of gal pals, this crew knows how best to get along: shopping and going out to dinner!

But they also know how to open up about a problem many women face: men. Nikki Bella sheds some light on her relationship with John Cena, and why she feels pressure from friends and family regarding life with the “man of [her] dreams.”

Watch the clip below to find out what else you can expect from Total Divas!